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Hotels in Amsterdam

We are going to Amsterdam (for the first time) in early October. As you can imagine the demand is high and the availability is on the low side. The Torens looks nice and has lots of character but its available rooms only face the "garden" which looks like a standard courtyard between tall buildings--no canal view. Our other choice is The Hoxton--more modern--and has a canal view. Both hotels are non-refundable upon booking. Both are in a great area, it seems. Any opinions about these two or others we may have overlooked (I've scoured Rick's picks and toured TripAdvisor)?

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Views mean nothing to us since we spend so little time in the room. However, if you are pleased with location and rate, then book it. We stay in Haarlem because we like the quieter setting but that is our personal preference.

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Hey Ronnie,

Have you considered looking at accommodations in nearby towns from Amsterdam such as Haarlem, Delft, and The Hague. Hotel prices would be a lot lower than in the city of Amsterdam. All 3 towns are less than 1 hour away from Amsterdam.



The Hague:

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Like Frank, I didn't worry about the views. I stayed at the Westcord Fashion Hotel. It's a very nice hotel with excellent rooms and accommodations. It's about a 5 minute walk from the Surinameplein tram stop and the Amsterdam Lelylaan train station (which is one stop up from Schiphol). It's just west of the Vondelpark, but I still had no problems walking from there to the Rijksmuseum in about 25 minutes (I like walking).

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If it appears you are focused on the Jordaan area, and looking at a canalside 4-star level like the Toren or Hoxton, then I'll venture to say that saving a couple euros to stay in a much less convenient location like Haarlem isn't worth it for you.
My friend stayed at the Estherea last year and liked it, and it's similar to the ones you mentioned.
My most recent trip we stayed at a little B&B about a 5 minute walk from the Rijksmuseum, and loved the convenience, but we arrived at the tail end of Pride week, so we probably had even less selection to choose from than you.

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I would recommend the Dikker & Thijs Hotel on Prinsengracht 444. They have rooms available yet on and I would recommend a deluxe room with canal view. It has lovely views of the Prinsengracht Canal and is easy walking distance to the Anne Frank House, Lovers Canal Boat cruise, the Van Gogh museum and the Rijksmuseum as well as the flower market on the Singel Canal. They offer breakfast on the lower level. The rates are reasonable and it is near a tram stop. You can choose rooms with free cancellation.

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Aloha - I just returned from visiting a friend in Amsterdam. She lived very close to the Apple Inn and although it does not have a view, it is very close to the Tram #2 which runs from Central station through the major tourist route. It was extremely handy & easy to get around. You can walk to Vondelpark from there as well. I did not stay at the hotel, but it looked like a nice place. I found in my travels that time spent in the room has been only to sleep. There are so many beautiful canals to explore day and night with a mere 15 minute ride back to the room. Have a wonderful time.

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Canal View? I'm assuming the canals in Amsterdam would be similar to Venice Canals. When we were in Venice we had a room overlooking a side canal and thought it was pretty cool at first BUT found it pretty annoying since we had the window open for ventilation (no AC) and we had people coming down the canal in the gondolas all times of the night and so hard to sleep due to the noise of them talking or singing. The walls seem to reverberate their voices and seemed louder than they probably were.

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Suggest the Sir Albert in De Pijp. Easy walk to museums and its is close to the “Latin” quarter of Amsterdam. It is currently remote from Asian and American cruise ship tourists.