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Hotel the night before an international flight

We will be flying back to the US from Schiphol mid September on a Sunday morning at about 11:00 am. Would it be better for us to stay near the airport or would a hotel in Amsterdam be ok?

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Google "Hotels close to Schiphol airport and with shuttle !"You'll find them .

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Not in the Netherlands, but we’ve had really early flights in other countries. Because of having to get up at o’-dark-thirty to be at the airport, we’ve either stayed at the airport, or a place where a short/fast shuttle to the airport was available. With an 11 AM departure, I’d stay in town, and have a nice breakfast there, before working my way to Schiphol. Hope your trip is great!

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A hotel in Amsterdam would work fine if you prefer to spend the last night in the city. It is a short train ride.

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Depends on how anxious/OCD you are -- we often stay AT the airport (CDG, FRA) so that we can walk to the gate rather than depending on transit, even a hotel shuttle.

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Citizen M hotel at the airport is a 3 minute walk to the door Of the terminal.

Avoid Airport Hilton. If they could figure out how to up charge you for breathing, they would.

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If you're staying in Amsterdam for more than one night, there's no need to change hotels for an 11 AM flight. There are multiple trains an hour to the airport, taking just 15 minutes from Centraal Station, which in turn can be reached easily from most of the rest of the city.

If you're staying just one night, you'd want a hotel either at the airport, or right near Centraal Station, to make things easier on departure day.

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Remember that you are supposed to be at the airport 3 hours before your US flight leaves. That means 08:00. Plan accordingly.

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Thanks, everyone for your advice! We are driving back from the eastern provinces the day before we fly out and have decided that we will book a hotel near the airport. We can take the train into the city for the afternoon and evening, but will have a shorter trip to the airport in the morning if we're nearby.

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We used the Sheraton at the airport - a very easy walk to the terminal.
Staff was very helpful and accommodating.

Our flight left around noon - so there was no rush to get up early and navigate a train with luggage. Just depends on your preferences.

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Good plan, cherlyshoo. Drop the car at the airport, check in or drop bags at hotel, train into the city for whatever time you have left that day and evening, sleep and walk to your flight. I don't know the airport hotels but there are several.

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Checkin or drop bags before turning in the car so you don't have to drag them with you ...