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Hotel in Amsterdam with Laundry Facilities

I'm looking for recommendations for a hotel in Amsterdam that offers self-service laundry facilities. Many of the hotel websites I've looked at list "Laundry" as an amenity, but it's unclear whether that means a self-service laundry or laundry done by the hotel. I've tried emailing the hotels to ask, but most never reply. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks!

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I suspect very few hotels have self service laundry. On you can choose a room facility field for "washing machine" but that pretty much gets you apartment rentals. Many hostels have laundry facilities, try searching for that amenity on There are quite a few self-service laundries in the tourist area, perhaps narrow your hotel searches to hotels located near one of those.

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Our long experience is that hotels rarely, if ever, have self-laundry services. However, often the hotel will offer to do your laundry for a price -- washed and folded. Second, in most hotels situations we have found that self laundries are frequently available within a couple blocks of the hotel. Generally those self laundries will have a drop off wash and fold service. We have always found laundry services when we need them without advance planning. Remember -- the laundry services are there for the locals and not the tourists.

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We've learned some of our best local tips at the laundromat!