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Is May 1st (Labor Day) in Amsterdam mean that the exhibits, restaurants etc. closed. I do know we got caught on our first
trip to Italy we arrived on May 1st and pretty well everything was closed.
Is May 4th & 5th (Remembrance, and Liberation Day) are exhibits etc closed on these days as well.
I have tentatively used flying out of Toronto on April 30th and arriving in Amsterdam May 1.
Any insight to this question would be appreciated.

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The more recent your xtian denomination, the less likely you are to have fun on May Day -- puritanical communities did their best to suppress the natural arrival-of-Spring festivals even when they were dressed in Church decorations.

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xtian = christian - I guess. Much like xmas.

Often used by people who are too busy writing the full word. A bit like writing "vacay" for "vacation", "Trafalgar" for "Trafalgar Square" and many others.

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Thank you all especially Floris, your answer is spot on. All that I wanted to know in my planning.
Xtian- whoever thought?