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Help with Delft/Den Haag itinerary

Hi all,

I'll be traveling solo in Amsterdam for 4 days in September. One of which I'd like to use for a day trip to Delft/Den Haag, whichever day has the nicest weather. What I was wondering was which town should I show up to first? Den Haag in the morning/early afternoon and then Delft in the afternoon/early evening? Or vice-versa?

My sightseeing plans for these two places are a lot more loose than my plans for Amsterdam. I wouldn't mind hitting the Mauritshuis in Den Haag and I'd like to swing by the Nieuwe Kerk and Markt in Delft. Other than that I really just would like to wander around, grab some local food to eat, enjoy the architecture and scenery, that sort of thing. I'm open to suggestions, but the main thing I'm trying to figure out is the best order to visit these two places.

Depending on how late the trains run, I would like to stay out and eat supper in Delft or Den Haag before heading back to Amsterdam in the evening.

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Delft is walkable with a charming old town. Den Haag has a mix of modern and older architecture and some of its sights are far from the city center. So it depends on how you travel. Since the Mauritshuis just reopened after a long renovation, it might be crowded, so I'd go there first to avoid the hordes. Delft is more fun in the evening, since it has a fresh, youthful vibe thanks to the university.