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Haarlem, Delft, Edam: Pick two

I will be visiting the Netherlands for three days in early August (in addition to a four-day trip to Belgium) I will be basing myself in Haarlem. I've planned one day in Amsterdam and want to do two day-trips. I've narrowed down my choices to Haarlem, Edam and Delft. I could also do a half-day in Haarlem and a half-day in Edam and a full day in Delft or some other combination. What would you recommend? I've decided to focus this trip on the countryside rather than cities and that's why I'm not spending as much time in Amsterdam. I am also more into cute towns and local experiences rather than museums but want to stay away from tourist traps.
Thank you very much for your opinions and advice!

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Edam is not really a tourist trap, but can be very crowded for its proximity to Amsterdam. Enkhuizen, 1h15 by train from Haarlem with a half-hourly connection, would be a much better choice. A gem of a former port city with an almost village-like atmosphere.
Most overseas visitors love Delft. Don't forget to visit the two churches - the Old and the New ones - for their funerary monuments. Delft will keep you busy for half a day.
All this is, of course, no countryside. For some green you could go to the country estate Beekesteijn, just north of Haarlem and a 20-min walk from the railway station Driehuis. Nice park, beautiful gardens, and a good place for a relaxed afternoon drink.

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Amsterdam needs more than a day, but....sounds as if maybe you've been there before.

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Thank you very much for your advice and suggestions. I agree - I need more time. I just wish my boss felt the same way ;) Thank you also for the suggestion to look into Enkhuizen. I've read more about it and it seems like another lovely option to consider.