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Getting to Rijksmuseum during the Amsterdam Marathon

I'm arriving to Amsterdam via train from The Hague on the morning of Sunday, October 21. I am only in Amsterdam until mid-day October 24th (2:00 p.m. flight out of Schiphol). I plan on taking an 8 or 9 am train from The Hague, which should get me into Amsterdam by 9 or 10sih and I'll have to drop my luggage off at the Hoxton Hotel. I'd hoped to go the Rijksmuseum but recently discovered that the Amsterdam Marathon will be taking place that day. I know that the museum will be open but will it be impossible to get to? I have a 4.5 hour food tour booked with Hungry Birds on Monday that pretty much takes up the whole day (or at least most of the time that museums are open). I've already booked the Van Gogh museum for Tuesday a.m; worst case scenario, I can go to the Rijksmuseum that afternoon.

Alternatively, if getting to the Rijksmuseum and anywhere else around Dam Square is going to be impossible to get to during the marathon, does anyone have alternative suggestions for museums or other interesting sites in parts of the city that won't be affected by the marathon?

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I would think it is no problem if you are able to walk on a crowded sidewalk as they don't block pedestrian traffic and your hotel is not that far from the train station and The Rijksmuseum is only 2 kilometers or a mile from that hotel.

Another solution is to take the earliest train that would get you to Amsterdam before 930 when the Marathon starts and leave your bag at the hotel and go to the musuem before it opens

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The Marathon has an excellent website;you might consider viewing the Marathon route on-line and adjust your route.
I don't think you will have a problem.
Have fun!

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The closures begin at 6 am. Another solution is to store bags at Centraal and take the Metro to Vijzelsgracht (or something like that) and walk the short way.

Edit - Since the Marathon path does not enter the inner canal zone, just take a tram to the Leidseplein and walk from there. The Marathon path does go in front of the Rijksmuseum, but there is a public crossing point there.

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Thank you for all for your helpful replies. Sounds like getting to the Rijksmuseum will be OK. I did look at the marathon web page and the route, but it seems to be more for runners and people following the race than those trying to discover where the pedestrian crossings are permitted (at least I couldn't find them), so thanks for letting me know that they don't block pedestrian traffic.