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Getting to Keukenhoff at opening

Another Keukenhoff question - I would like to arrive at Keukenhoff prior to opening so I can be in the park early for photography purposes. I am having difficulty finding a time on their site for when the buses to Keukenhoff start leaving from Schiphol. I would assume not until the park opens, which would put me at the park entrance around 30 minutes after opening? Does anyone know when these buses start operating? If not until after opening, then are there any other suggestions on how to get there early? I read someone suggesting I could take a train to Harlaam and then take bus 50 to Lisse and then walk 10 minutes, but this seems like going out of the way. It looks like taking a taxi would be very expensive. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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We stayed in Lisse and walked over early, there were no buses in the parking lot. We walked right in and had a long walk in a quiet park. Later it did get crowded especially in the pavilions.

If you are not in Lisse, I think you need a car if you really want to arrive when it opens.

Enjoy the trip!

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The public transport planner gives you the exact timings for bus 858. In season the earliest bus leaves Schiphol around 8.00, arriving at 8.30. I don't assume the Keukenhof will already be flooded by coach parties at that hour.

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Thank you all for your responses and helping me find the bus information!

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A good visiting strategy is as follows: arrive early, then head straight for the pavilions. They are the most crowded places midday. There are 5 pavilions (some bigger than others) in a typical year. As you end your indoor sightseeing, it should be closer to midday, which is the best light for the outdoor views of the flower beds and what not. The park is large, and even in the busiest days you can find some quieter areas and alleys.