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Fully vaccinated still require daily Covid testing in Amsterdam?

Hi everyone

I need help with the recent Covid protocol imposed in Netherlands. Will be arriving Amsterdam next week for about a week. I am fully vaccinated and has Canadian QR Code. I understand QR codes may differ from country to country. My question is do I still require go for daily Covid testing (good for 24 hours) done at testing centres in Amsterdam for restaurants, bars, etc?? I am confused. Is this daily Covid testing for those unvaccinated? Am told I need to get a Netherlands cell phone in order to create the QR code and etc. Please help if you have some legit info !!! Thank you !! Stay safe.

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I'm sure our frequent poster from the Netherlands will chime in soon, but in the meantime... I would point out that you cannot have a Canadian QR code,, since a national one has not yet been developed. All you have is a provincial one, which likely can't be read anywhere outside your province. You will want to have paper copy of your vaccinations, with all of the necessary information on it. Have you looked at the Neherlands government website for Travellers? It is quite self explanatory, and I assume it is up to date.

I believe you need a covid test for entry, but if you're coming from a safe country (Canada is on that list) and are fully vaccinated, I didn't see anything that said you needed daily tests. And I believe the Netherlands health pass is ONLY for Netherland residents.

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Thanks for your reply. I have been browsing for more information on the daily Covid testings. It is so confusing. It doesn't make any sense for every international traveler to go for the testing when he/she is fully vaccinated. Sounds to me flying into the country is much easier than dining in restaurants. The border only requires proof of vaccinations and a completed Health Declaration Form; no PCR test is needed.

Just found out below link stated "even fully vaccinated visitors need to get tested to access indoor venues such as restaurants, cinemas and theatres. Proof of a negative test result is valid for 24 hours"

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I thought this was the case, as well, and had looked into testing in advance of my trip at the end of this month. I found that there were multiple locations where free tests were available.

However, now that I look at the information again, it seems that double-vaccinated people do not have to get tested daily, if they have proof. I'm not sure if this has changed since I looked at it, or if I read it wrong in the first place.

"As of 25 September, the coronavirus entry pass system will apply to bars and restaurants (but not takeaways), events (such as festivals, concerts and professional sports matches), and cultural venues (such as cinemas and theatres)....
You can get a coronavirus entry pass if you are fully vaccinated, have valid proof of recovery or a negative result from a coronavirus test taken less than 24 hours before entry. For people without proof of vaccination or recovery, getting tested will remain free of charge."

Regardless, I am going to have a list of locations for the free tests, just in case:

But, also, I am not convinced that we do not need a test to enter the Netherlands.

The way I read this is that we do need a test prior to entry, even if fully vaccinated, unless we are a traveler from within the EU. Correction, some links indicate this is only if travelling from high risk countries. You're correct that it's confusing.

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My understanding of the requirements is as you mentioned. You need a green pass to access any restaurants, bars, and indoor venues. However, the Dutch Green pass system is not available to you (like in France), and they are not accepting paperwork or the US CDC card as an alternative (as in Italy). This means testing regularly and showing proof of test.

A work around, for some, is that digital green passes from other EU countries are honored. So if you have a French Pass Sanitaire by having visited France, that would work (as an example).

Of course, these things change frequently (remember the short-lived quarantine requirement) so keep yourself posted.

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I'm still not clear here on the requirements for the Netherlands. We're flying into Amsterdam on 10/17 from the USA. My wife and I are both fully vaccinated, and we know we need to get a negative test to enter Amsterdam 48 hours prior to our departure from the USA. However, now we're reading that we can't go eat in a restaurant or do anything meaningful in Amsterdam because they won't accept our CDC vaccination cards?

We're only there for 2 nights and then moving on to Berlin, but how do we get an acceptable vaccine document to be able to enjoy those 2 nights in Amsterdam?

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We'll be traveling to the Netherlands tomorrow and have been doing a ton of research into this due to the changing regulations. We're both fully vaccinated in the US so can only talk about what we found for that specific circumstance.

It seems like you do NOT need to take a test to enter a museum, get takeout, use public transportation, or eat outdoors. However, assuming you want to eat indoors, go to a bar, or attend a concert/event we will need to take a daily test so that we can get cleared to do so. This is because these regulations rely on the CoronaCheck app where you get a QR code that restaurants and such have to scan. As far as we can tell we can only get this QR code with a daily test because the app won't recognize our vaccination info from the US.

It honestly sounds like a pain to deal with, and if we didn't just learn about it a week ago our travel plans might have changed. As it is we're just hoping we can get a test easily every morning without having to go out of our way to do so.

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Your best option is to get a test immediately, maybe even as you arrive at Schipol, then test the next day as well. It sounds like you can still go to Museums without, and hopefully they have expanded outside dining, as I have seen in Italy. You might be able to organize your activity such that testing is only needed one day. Luckily, it sounds like tests are free? and they are easy. In Italy, it was a quick swab and wait 20 minutes.

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I'm leaving for Amsterdam next weekend. For those of you who have traveled from the US over the past several weeks since the government implemented the new restrictions can you please provide information details. Was it difficult to get tested? Did they have one at the airport? Did most restaurants actually check for it? Any and all advice/details would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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I just spoke with a friend who lives in Den Haag. She said that most restaurants and bars are checking the QR codes along with ID. As others have noted, if you're coming from outside the EU - no matter your vaccination status - you'll need daily testing to go to those (and some other) places.

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I am American but I have spent the last 10 days in Amsterdam. Technically you are required to get a daily test and QR code, however I just showed them my CDC card and I was never turned down. The same is true for the rather large group I was traveling with.

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I think sincock may be the closest to what's happening CURRENTLY in the NL. In the past couple of days, we've been to cafes and restaurants in The Hague city center. At the first cafe, they checked our QR codes and asked our DOB (to verify our identity); at an Italian restaurant, we opened the code, the server looked at them from about 5 feet away - and without scanning them - said, "That's okay!" This morning, we were not even asked when we went for coffee. So it's very inconsistent. Unfortunately, it seems you do have to have "something" in case they do check. I cannot add any context to the use of a CDC vaccination card option as we, and everyone I know here, have the Dutch QR code.

Yet, all of this may change TODAY. A few days ago, the NL had more than 16,000 new cases reported in one day. That is the MOST cases ever reported in ONE DAY... EVER! These numbers are worse than the pre-vaccine days (and worse than the numbers that created the lockdowns we were in). TODAY, the government is announcing NEW restrictions. Another "lockdown" has been rumored, but the word on the streets is that will not happen - YET!

It appears they are going to minimize restaurant hours of operation again and add more restrictions back to movie theaters, sporting events, etc. Yet, no return to MASKS to be required everywhere or restrictions for ENTRY by non-EU citizens. Of course, if the numbers don't reverse, all that could change.

No one is sure what's driving these high numbers but there are lots of theories. Anyone over 60 was required to get Astra Zeneca back in the early days of inoculation (That's what I have). Documentation in the NL has been presented that over time AZ loses its efficacy faster than other vaccinations. As a result, the NL government is expediting the over-60 third booster shot. These next shots will not be AZ because it's no longer being distributed in the NL. The Dutch Times reported that 57% of the people reporting new COVID infections were NOT vaccinated, so that presents a large amount of "breakthrough cases" which seem to be among the older populace.

So, things may change here - and soon. In 2020, our "Winter" lockdown started about December 13 - no one wants a repeat of another Christmas season in lockdown. Yet, the government is very adamant about "tourism in 2020." So they may announce more dramatic steps this afternoon ----> if these latest restrictions do not slow the growth of the record-setting numbers.