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From departing the aircraft at AMS to passing through customs -- about how long?

I'll be on Delta from JFK that arrives at 5:55am on a Tuesday in late October. I'll have to check my bag even though it's small enough to take with me on board. I cannot lift it to the overhead compartment because of an injury.

I understand it varies but I want to get a basic idea of how long it will take from when I deboard my flight from JFK to go through passport control, retrieve my bag from the baggage carousel, and then pass through customs. I'm assuming customs is a walk-through as I will have nothing to declare.

*Edited to add that I will not be changing planes.

Thank you.

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I'm curious to see more answers. Don't hold me to this but I don't believe you have gather and recheck your bag if your flights are on one itinerary. I hope this is true. I leave in three weeks and planned to check my bag too. Just customs and security and by this site and trip advisor AMS isn't too bad.

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Let me clarify. I will not be changing planes. I will be taking the Thalys train to Paris several hours later. That is why I am seeking an idea of how long it will take in the airport including the time at the baggage carousel.

Have a great trip, highlanderct.

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From everything I have read here, AMS is efficient and from the plane door to the sidewalk should be no more than 2 hrs.

WHEN you flight arrives is the joker in the deck

Others here may be able to give you better info if you advise what time your train leaves. ("several hours" means different things to different people)

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That is always the 64 dollar question that cannot be answer with any precision because there are several variables you cannot control. BUT -- on average - two hours should be adequate. Could be less and could be much more. I would give yourself a window of at least four hours and maybe five to catch a train. We missed a connecting flight in AMS a couple of years with a two hour window. First, the plane arrived about 30 mins early but a heavy rain storm was underway so big jam-up at the gates. So we sat on the runway for an hour or so along with several other arriving planes. We all seemed to finally get to the gates about the same time so there is a huge flood of arriving passengers hitting immigration at the same time. We did carryon so we didn't have to wait for luggage. I am not as panic as I should have been. Assumed our next flight would be delayed also. We had to go through security again but they had a short line for tight connections. We are on a roll. It is going to be close -- arrived at the gate five minutes after our plane pulled away on time.

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If your flight is direct from JFK to AMS, deplaning, collecting luggage and going through customs should take no more than two hours; in April our plane arrived on time and we were through the airport and on our way in about 90 minutes. Customs is fairly efficient at AMS
Where are you catching the Thalys to Paris?
They have a stop at AMS
How much time is a couple of hours before your train departs?
If it is two hours after arrival, that is a little close for comfort.
If you have not purchased your train ticket, you might consider a departure time to Paris with a little bit of breathing room just in case...
Good luck and have fun!

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As others indicated, it will vary on the day and time but you should be good at 2 hours or shorter.

“I'll have to check my bag even though it's small enough to take with me on board. I cannot lift it to the overhead compartment because of an injury.”

So, I admit that sometimes it is hard not to have a negative view of the world and humanity with all of the craziness going on, however, don’t let your injury hold you back with bringing your bag on the flight as a carry on. I am at the ready to help others in need with their bag on flights but only sometimes lend a hand as most every able passenger in the vicinity also seems to be very helpful to those in need.

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I will be taking Thalys from Schiphol directly. The train leaves at 11:34 so I gave myself just over a 5 1/2 hour window. Delays can always happen; I didn't account for the fact that I would be checking in a bag.

Jay MN, I am afraid that I may not be seated near someone as kind as you are who would put the bag in the overhead compartment for me. I am afraid to take that risk.

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Having been through Schipol a number of time I can not imagine that two hours would not be enough if your flight arrives on time, I have experienced as little as 30 minutes without checked bags, plus most times my US flights arrive 20 to 30 minutes ahead. Of course a major delay is always a concern, so I rarely would ever plan an unconnected onward journey within a day, but just my preference, plus I love Amsterdam and would want to stay there for at least a day anyway.

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I've gone through Schipol 5 times in 2018 so far (6th will be next month) for business. I think my WORST time, from exiting the plane to walking out the "nothing to declare" door was 90 minutes. You should be just fine, especially considering it will take you about 5 minutes to get to your track at that point.

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Thank you everybody. It sounds like I'll have plenty of time even if my flight is delayed a couple of hours. I'll consider the weather both at JFK and AMS the next day w/r/t checking in a bag if need be.