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fresh seafood restaurant in Amsterdam

We will be staying in central Amsterdam and would like a recommendation for a good seafood restaurant. Also, any other restaurants that you think are exceptional. Thank you!

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The Jordaan area of west Amsterdam has a better selection of restaurants than central Amsterdam.

However, in central Amsterdam, given your preference for seafood, consider The Seafood Bar.

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Thanks Kent! And what restaurants, Seafood or otherwise, would you recommend in the Jordaan area? I took a look at Martines Table and it looks like its a set menu which can be fun but its nice to be able to order exactly what you want to eat. Am I wrong about Martines?

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There are a large number of restaurant choices in the Jordaan district. I recommend looking at the Jordaan restaurant list in Rick's Amsterdam guidebook. Restaurant Daalder is just one of these, spendy but fun (no menu). I'm not familiar with Martines.

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Hi Jennifer -
Yes the menu is set at Martine's.
She and her husband Olaf host 8 people every night in their home for a gourmet meal.
They have extensive experience having owned and operated restaurants in their career.
They are very entertaining and we found it an interesting way to meet other people whoare on holiday.
I thought I would be disappointed in the food that was served but it was outstanding in every way.
This may not be what you are looking for, but worth considering.
Have fun and let us know what you find in a good seafood restaurant.
I almost forgot -
there is a seafood restaurant DeHoop op d'Swarte Walvis (The hope of the Black Whale), but it is located in Zaase Shans. ; but it is pricey...

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Just general thoughts....

My impression of seafood in Amsterdam, beyond the widely imported items, would be things from the North Sea, mainly cold water fish, herring, rarely eel anymore, some shellfish. I can't really recommend one place over the other, other than the markets or herring stands are a great stop.

Pancakes would be worth a meal, both savory and sweet, as would a bar for drinks and fried snacks.

One of the highlights though would be finding a good Indonesian restaurant (a long time colony) and do a rijsttafel, a wonderful assortment of dishes and sides.

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And thanks also to Paul. I knew that good Indonesian food could be found in Amsterdam. For some reason, I had the impression that one could find great local mussels in The Netherlands. I love mussels.

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Search the archives of NY Times. It might have been in one of the 36 Hours articles. I recall reading about a restaurant called Mossel & Gin, serving oysters and mussels.

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Restaurant Lucius specializes in seafood . Spuistraat 247 , 1012VP Amsterdam . Center of Amsterdam location . Tripadvisor gave them 4 stars . Never ate there myself but my sister and her husband liked it a lot .

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I also recommend The Seafood Bar:

There are apparently three locations. I went to the one below in 2017, close to the Van Gogh Museum:
Van Baerlestraat 5
1071 AL
Phone: 020 670 8355

Google for the website.