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For Kids: NEMO vs Scheepvartmuseum (or Other?)

I am finalizing our itinerary and could use some help planning the "east side" of central Amsterdam. This will be in early April with kids 6 and 8.

I understand that kids love NEMO, and that it can be surprisingly entertaining for adults as well. However, I'm skeptical about spending a few hours of our 2-day trip there, since there are also cool science museums in the U.S.

Scheepvartmuseum, on the other hand, seems uniquely Amsterdam and also great for kids. I'm leaning to this instead of NEMO, but am open to suggestions. I know the Tropenmuseum is also a winner, but that seemed like a 3rd place option.

We'll also visit the major Amsterdam sights, but I thought it would be nice to go to a "fun museum" since Amsterdam has so many options.

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I've been to both and I think you're right--NEMO is like a science museum in the US. The National Maritime Museum is huge, more distinctive, and has lots of exhibits aimed at kids (and in English). You also get to climb all over a replica of an 18th-century sailing ship.

If you are not able to get tickets for the Anne Frank House, consider taking them to the Dutch Resistance Museum, which also covers WWII history and has an excellent section devoted to children.