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Flights to Amerstam in April

Is it sugested to fly into CDG then take the train to Amsterdam or fly into AMS directly? Price is the consideration.

Suggestions from US?


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You need to look at flights that are from your airport to Amsterdam directly. If that does not work see if it is worth the connecting flights they offer. If that does not work, see if you should fly into CDG and then train into Amsterdam. Take into consideration the cost of the train as it may be worth paying more for the flight and no train. You will need to see how much is the train and the flight combined and the time spent doing this. Only by looking at flights and prices will you know what route to take. If flying into CDG would you consider staying in Paris a few days? If that is not possible, would it be better to fly into Beligum ( Brussels) and then take the train to Amsterdam. Again, try every avenue and see what is the best way to go.

It may be easier for others to advise you if they knew your airport in the USA.

This year I was supposed to fly from Newark to London and then from Amsterdam back to Newark and that was actually cheaper than flying round trip London, but plans changed and I am not going to Amsterdam. So maybe if you are flying into one city and out of Amsterdam that may be a good price for a ticket. But again take into consideration the train fare. Then it may not be cost efficient.

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It might depend on where you are flying from in the USA. Which city?

Mostly I think it would be suggested to fly directly into AMS.

AMS is a major hub and destination from the US. If it is your destination it would seem a bit pointless to fly into Paris and then take a train due to the amount of extra time it would take to get to the train station and the time of the travel to AMS. .

A quick flight search on Delta for a round trip from MSP to AMS and MSP to CDG showed those round trip fair almost the same price. So the added cost of the train would make it cheaper to fly directly into AMS.

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Unless flights to AMS are $300+ more than to CDG, I do not think you would come out ahead $$ wise. There is cost from CDG to the train station and train fare, plus whatever value you put on a half day of your time.

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Train tickets purchased in advance are not refundable or reusable if you miss the scheduled train due to a flight delay. You would pay €150 or more per person to buy 2nd-class tickets in person at the train station in Terminal 2 of CDG. (The best connections have just one change in Brussels.) I agree with Joe's assessment that your time is also worth something.

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A train ticket from Paris to Amsterdam can be a lot more expensive than taking a direct flight, especially flying from the US I don't think there will be a very significant price different between landing in Amsterdam vs Paris.