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Excellent Article in Frommer's Re Cruise Ships and Amsterdam

I hope that I will not set off a brouhaha but I get Frommer's on line.

There is an excellent article today about Cruise Ships and Amsterdam. I suggest reading it to the end . Many persons on this site will relate to the last sentence


P. S. Did someone once say something about Europe on $5 a day? i.e. Arthur Frommer?

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Finally, a headline (from the article) that's not sensationalist and inaccurate. The problem with media and some readers nowadays is that too few read beyond the headline and then the misinformation starts.

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I agree Allan.

This article made so much sense and simplified the situation.

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Re your PS:
I used Frommers $5 per day for my first trip to Europe when I was 16. My older sister and I flew from Chicago to Amsterdam . No concerns about cruise ships then.

We stayed in a canalside hotel with breakfast,ate lunch and dinner and spent a total of $5 using the suggestions in the book. I stayed for 30 days and was on budget everywhere except Switzerland. But we made up for it in Spain which kept our average on the money.

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Arthur is gone although Frommer's lives on as his legacy.

Rick Steves and what he does kinda reminds me of what Arthur did.

Update; Next post tells me that Arthur is still with us. If he is still among us, I hope that he is still aware enough to see all the changes in travel and what an influence he has had on so many of us.

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Thank you for the information about Arthur Frommer.

I hope that he still walks among us and is well and enjoying life.

I have not heard anything about him in years and I guess that I assumed he had passed

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Nice to see a thread with accurate information.

But the comment wondering if Frommer was still compos mentis was uncalled for.

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Yes, what an interesting person and life. He made a great recovery from the legal profession. He also got me through northern France on a moped and a tiny budget when I was 19.

We took a great Baltic cruise from Amsterdam five years ago, my second visit there. Certainly the big ships coexist uneasily with the city, not as difficult as Venice but similar. Not many cities where you can walk from the train station to the ship.