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Eurostar Amsterdam to London

I will be traveling from London to Amsterdam round trip by train Fri June 14 and returning Mon June 17. I understand I can take the Eurostar from London directly to Amsterdam. The train departs 7:16 am. What time should I arrive at the station?

My question is about the return trip to London. Am I correct that I must make my way to Brussels by Thalys high speed train or the Intercity slower train? And then transfer to the Eurostar from Brussels to London? Which is the preferred method? Are the Eurostar tracks close by or in the same terminal with either of these trains? How much time should I allow to clear customs and board the Eurostar? I have also read that it will be possible in 2019 to travel directly from Amsterdam to London if they get the customs procedures sorted out to do so. Do you think I should wait to purchase my return tickets to see if this pans out? Or is changing trains in Brussels no big deal?

Today I see the London to Amsterdam trip for US$48 per person. I think I should go ahead and grab those now as a one way ticket? Is this a good price?

And then book the Brussels to London separately. Right now they are US$68. Good price? Should I grab those now also? How do I purchase the Amsterdam to Brussels ticket?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Check in times for the Chunnel train at St Pancras London are 30 minutes before departure. To be on the safe side go with 45 minutes. Same deal on the return trip from Brussel to London leg.
The most comprehensive info about options for your return trip can be found here:

You can purchase combination tickets that include transport for both legs (Amsterdam/Brussels Brussels/London) at the official site:

High-speed trains use airline style pricing so the sooner you book the cheaper it will be. You can only purchase tickets for the Chunnel train 180 days out.

Direct trains from Amsterdam to London won't start until late 2019.

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While the official deadline for checking in to Eurostar at London St Pancras International is 30 minutes, that doesn't account for the queue to check in.

Being in the queue doesn't count, if you aren't checked in and through the barrier no less than 30 minutes in advance of departure you won't travel on that train. If you check in within the 30 minutes and before the scheduled departure time Eurostar will relieve you of £49 per person and put you on the next train which has seats in the class you have on your ticket, if there are spaces.

I go through Kings Cross and St Pancras frequently, as well as my former home of Euston, and I often have an opportunity to see the queues. I have often seen queues of 50 to 100 metres. And they don't move all that quickly.

I used to advise 45 minutes but since the developments of the last couple of years I now make that a minimum of one hour ahead. Since I changed to an hour I haven't heard of anybody who has taken my advice missing their train.

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We always arrive -- and we have taken many trips on the Eurostar -- at least an hour in advance. To a degree, it is like boarding a plane: security screening, passport control, etc. But it boards faster once the train is open. You can get coffee and a breakfast pastry from Cafe Nero while you wait. So give yourselves time and don't be rushed.