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''european'' family road trip in july

Hi !
We want to go back in family (2 adiults and 2 teens) for a seventh time in july for 25-30 days.. This time we have that plan in mind.
1) Fly to Paris (cheapest flight from Montreal)
2) Take a rental car (no stay in paris which we have seen for ione week last year).
3) Drive to northern France
4)Belgium (5-7 nights)
5) Netherlands (7-8 nights)
6) Alsace (5-7 nights)
7) Glimpse of Switzerland (4-5 nights)
8) go back to Paris and fly back to Montreal.

What do you think abouth that plan ?

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Is Chevy Chase coming? If so, it’ll be infinitely more fun.

We did something similar with our family (parents and 4 kids) this year in March.

Flew into Paris and even though we’d been before we stayed in a different arrondissement and had a blast. Then we moved to Antwerp and toured the Belgium big 4. Then we stayed in Amsterdam. Great fun for all!

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We did not go by car. We used trains. Would have needed a van for 6 people and luggage (we don’t check any but still have 6 back packs and 6 carry ons) and didn’t want to have to deal with finding parking.

Must see agenda items depend on the family.

Our kids are used to doing all sorts of activities.

Paris: PSG soccer game, Eiffel at night and with stair descent, Rodin, Army museum (we have 2 boys), exploring Le Marais, Montmartre. We did other stuff but these seemed to be favorites.

Antwerp but side tripped to big 4. Ghent altarpiece, lots of chocolate, lots of waffles, lots of fries, Ghent castle, Tonton Garby in Brussels. The owner interviews each person and makes a sandwich based on their answers.

Amsterdam: Anne Frank house although we cried the whole way through because our 14 year old daughter was with us. Vondelpark. 3 of 4 loved the Van Gogh.

We only had 3 weeks so we did the 3 above.