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electrical conversion

I am going to Amsterdam for three weeks. I know I need to convert the 220 they use there to 110 we use here (USA). I have done some research on the internet and I keep looking for converters, just what I seem to be looking at are (ADAPTORS) which to me is not the correct item (or is it)?? Please enlighten me.........thank you

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Check you devices - if they are labelled 110/220, as most small electronic devices are, then you are fine as the device will convert, you only need a US to Europe adapter for the plug. Now if you are talking a hairdryer, that will require 220, and since we don't use these, I can't offer advice.

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adamajax on this webpage look to the left and see the link for "Travel Tips". Follow the link for "Phone and Tech" to "Electric Europe". Almost all US-market electronic equipment (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) nowadays is compatible with 220v (check the fine print on your chargers), they just need an adaptor to fit the outlet. Anything that is not labeled for dual voltage - that's a different story.

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It would help if you could specify what type of devices you'll be packing along to Europe? If you're referring to phones, iPads, cameras or similar electronic products, it's likely that the Chargers for those are designed for multi-voltage operation. Check the nameplate (there WILL be one on each device) for the Input Voltage spec's. If these state "Input 100-240 VAC", then you'll only need inexpensive Plug Adaptors such as THIS type for ungrounded appliances. I'd suggest packing at least two, as they're small and easily misplaced. If you'll be visiting the U.K., a different style will be required.

There are some important issues to be aware of with Voltage Converters, so I'd recommend NOT using one if at all possible.