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Dutch train stations now accepting credit cards on ticket machines!

Since this is a recurring topics here, I thought of giving the info.

Over last 6 week, NS (the Dutch railway company) rolled out new functionality on ticket machines. You can now pay for train tickets with credit cards on machines signed with the VISA or MASTERCARD logo.

90% of Dutch stations already have at least one ticket machine prepared to accept credit cards, all stations will be fit with at least one such machine until the end of September, according to NS press release

It is important to remember that Dutch railways don't use paper tickets anymore, tickets come in the form of a RFID-card (OV-Chipkaart), which can be a disposable one for those buying single tickets (with a € 1 surcharge). All Dutch domestic tickets are validated by tapping in and out of totems or fare gates when entering and exiting train stations.

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All types of cards or C&P only?

I couldn't get the link to switch to English, but it looks like you need a pin.

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From the link:

"NS ticket machine

On this page:

What you buy in the NS ticket machine?
Changes in product mix
Remote Assistance needed in the NS ticket machine?
The NS ticket machine is easiest way to charge your balance or. Something on your smart card You can also buy one-chip cards and anonymous OV chip cards at the NS ticket vending machine at the top of the blue sign with the NS logo. The ticket machine gives step by step what to do.

You can contact the NS Ticket Machine pay with your debit or credit card (and some machines even with coins). Cards supported are:

For payments by credit card requires a PIN. Also applies to payments by VISA and Mastercard a surcharge of € 0.50. As of August 12, 2014 is 90% of the NS Ticket machines suited to your credit card. At some stations have ticket machines not yet converted. This will happen from September. Click on the pdf below to see you can pay by credit card. Define the drive"

It goes on about the ticket types available.

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Machines do require PIN*Chip credit cards.

It is safe to assume at this point automated machines that take non-PIN*Chip CCs to be the exception in Europe.