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Dutch Day Trips: Which one? Historic Triangle, Alkmaar & Zaanse Schan other suggestions.

We have only two days in Amsterdam the middle of Oct. and I need some help deciding how to spend the second day. We would like to experience the country side, see some wind mills and visit one of the open air museums. We will not be taking a tour bus, I've considered taking a bike tour, or take a train or get the Waterland Bus pass to see the other sites. I've thought about visiting Edam, Volendam and Marken, or Alkmaar & Zaanse Schan and the neighborhood of Zaandijk or do the Historic Triangle. I'd love you're input.
Thanks everyone!


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We did the Waterland bus in April, and thought it was great! You buy the €10 tickets from the little kiosk to the left of the buses at the upper level bus station behind Centraal Station on the IJ river side. They will give you a map with the bus routes/numbers and you can just hop on the next bus that comes along. We went to Edam, Monnickendam, and Marken and loved them all. Each town is unique and has some cute and quirky museums.

We also went to Zaanse Schans, and thought it was just okay. The windmills were cool, but overall I was a bit unimpressed. I do like looking at the live webcam though and knowing I was there!

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Dawn, Can you clarify on the Waterland bus, so you can buy one ticket and go to one place and another? How many were you guys able to visit on your day trip? Thanks, Sue, good question, I was wondering the same thing we are there in mid-Oct too.

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We did the Waterland bus also. It was super easy - their website is very good and shows all of the routes.

One ticket, all day riding on all of the routes. Very easy and fun! We left Centraal about 10am and there were tons of people going - couldn't fit on the first bus but another came right away.

You might want to buy tickets in advance - although it wasn't too long of a line (but there was one). The swiper didn't work on their machine, so luckily I had a chip card!


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Yep, one 10-euro ticket per person, for the whole day. We went to Edam, then Volendam, took a ferry (extra charge) to Marken, then bus back to Amsterdam. Easy, fun.