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Dumb question about Museumkaart

OK- so I purchased a Museumkaart on June 12, 2015. They are valid for 1 year.
Now I am going back to Amsterdam and will be there 6/4-6/7, so I wanted to use the card again but can not find my card. Araarrggh.
I have the receipt.
Wondering if anyone thinks they will re-issue me a card? I purchased it at Nieuwe Kirk and thought I would go there with receipt and ask nicely?

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I don't know but why not try? You could also try at any VVV office.

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Thanks Nance - yes I guess I will email- worth a try. I feel so stupid- I have every single bit of paper from that trip- used tram tix, pamphlets, maps, receipts etc. But not the ONE item I meant to keep!

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Christine - I'm curious about whether you got this resolved.

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This may not apply to you, Christine, since you bought your card a while ago, but there seem to be new rules regarding the Museumkaart. Visitors can now only get a temporary Museumkaart good for 31 days. Dutch residents can register on line and upload a photo, and then their Museumkaart is good for a full year.

I'm not sure how new this rule is, and I apologize if it is already widely known, but I am leaving in three days on my trip, and I've been researching stuff like this for a while, and this is the first I've seen any indication of this new rule.