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do you tip in Michelin restaurants in AMS or Belgium

Discussion forum is suggested that tipping is not a culture/required in Italy.

I booked Michelin restaurants in AMS, does the set menu price included all fee, do I need to tip on top of total price ?

What about in Belgium too


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According to Rick's guidebook advice for Belgium and the Netherlands a service charge (15% in the Netherlands) is already included in menu prices at restaurants that have table service. Still, it is common to round up the bill 5-10% for a good meal.

I have not been to Michelin starred restaurants in these areas, and do understand they can be service-intensive, but would still tip within these guidelines, e.g., if the bill is €185, leave €200.

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The Dutch do not expect a tip like we do in the States.
If the service is exceptional, you can add a small gratuity but it is not expected.
When we were in Belgium we did leave a small gratuity

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We've eaten in lots of Michelin starred restaurants. Check your bill. The service charge is almost always included, so we do not tip anything extra. Even if the service was exceptional, but that is to be expected in such restaurants. In my opinion, that is included in the high price they charge.
However, if you mean restaurants listed in the Michelin guide but no stars, that's different. Look to see if the service charge is included. Or do the round up as suggested if you so wish.

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I don't see why Michelin's rating has something to do with tipping. Generally the Dutch or most Europeans do not tip any significant amount. Clearest indication is that there is no tipping function for credit card charges. If you have a special experience, tip as you feel justified, in cash, and probably handed directly to the server with your personal thanks.