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Dinner and Rijsttafel

My husband and I are spending a week in and around Amsterdam in April, and we'd appreciate some suggestions for dinners, particularly rijsttafel. Since we've never heard of it before researching we would like to know what to expect as far as quantity and spiciness of the food. Other suggestions for food and restaurants would be great too!

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hey hey ccortezzo
search: where to try indo-dutch rijsttafel in amsterdam
search: amsterdam/ rijsttafel
a couple that cooks dinner in their amsterdam home. click dinner
her husband also does tours of the city, under tours
10 most popular dutch desserts
most popular market, blocks and blocks pedestrian street of so many shops, restaurants, produce markets, bars to sit outdoors and people watch, souvenirs, food trucks. we loved this market street
check out the food hallen
big food hallen so so many different food options (
tours & guides around amsterdam. it's a preety city with all the canals, many many many bikes "be careful". lots of walking, loved having a glass of wine at remblandt plaza and people watching, walking afternoon down red light district and it's gorgeous architecture and shops with so many flowers around within the canal, found a pedicab on street and paid 25-30E for a tour anywhere, took a canal cruise during day time and night time. took train to haarlem for lunch and to walk around. so many cites within europe are very busy with many people on like a "revenge travel" getting out and about. just enjoy what there is. we went to the tulip museum and stood on bridge to watch all the boats going by having great time with music and fun people, stopped in a cheese shop and tasted cheese. bought bottle wine & small plastic glasses, (always pack a corkscrew) and sat along canal just to breathe in the fresh air
look under amsterdam if anything interests you. good luck and have fun

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@derek ... we're going this year same time as you did last year (mid April) ... didn't see mention in your trip report about the weather, how was it? ... wet? cold? windy? ... I realize one can't predict weather that far out and I've seen the historical averages, just wanted to get someone's actual experience so we can take under advisement ... I just want a nice sunny warm day when we go to Keukenhof ... thanks.

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WE did rijssttafel years ago at Kantjil et Tijgre (sp?) and one thing that stood out (and was true at another restaurant years later) is that when you have so many dishes, there are a lot of cheap cabbagy dishes -- quantity over quality. On a later visit we ordered the half dozen things we really liked the first time and that was much better. Unfortunately many restaurants that specialize in. rijsstafel make the pricing structure such that a la carte is much more expensive. These places make their money on huge quantities of cheap bulky food. I don't have a big appetite so I really would like to have less but more exquisite food.

We have friends that want to do a rice table this spring so are also interested in recommendations for a really good one.

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To answer your weather question. We had both sunshine and rainy days. Luckily the day we went to Keukenhof was sunshine, but we had one day of pouring rain. So pack for both, wear layers. Even in the sunshine, It was cool weather in April, not hot at all.

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to @janettravels44:

for our rijsttafel, We ate at Long Pura. (link) It had good TripAdvisor reviews, that's why we picked it. It was very good, reasonably priced and for us, it was in a good location in the Jordaan neighborhood near our accommodations. Reservations required.