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Day trip from Amsterdam

Already booked Haarlem-torn between Delft , Camp Voght, or a bus trip to Voldsm/Marken/Zaan Schans(sp). I know they are very different... Would appreciate suggestions, thanks

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I live in Volendam. It looks like a town designed by Disney. We have a pretty little harbor with lots of restaurants and shops. I find it delightful. Volendam/Marken are something different than Amsterdam/Haarlem/Delft. I think if you've been to Haarlem, you won't find Delft much different. Don't get me wrong. They are both lovely towns. I'm not familier with Camp Voght.

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I totally agree with Kateja. We liked Delft, went for the factory and a canal ride. We really enjoyed taking the Local Bus to Edam/Volendam/Markem. We did the Edam…. Route because on Wednesday they have the cheese market. So much fun. Everyone in traditional dress, a band playing, cheese every where. We purchased cheese in Edam, took the bus to Volendam and purchased wine and bread, went to the small but very interesting museum there, sat by the water and had a little picnic, then Took the ferry to Markem and had our dessert and saw the wooden shoe factory. Then got the bus back to the city, it was not a rushed day at all, and we really got a feel for the smaller cities. If we could only repeat one day trip, this would be it. If you are not there on a Wednesday, I would take your route. We spent 9 full days in Amsterdam, so much to see and do. This was my second trip there and I would definitely go again.
PS don’t forget to try some Dutch street food - poffertjes. A pillowy, soft, taste of heaven.

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Like Kateja, I've not been to Kamp Vught... but love nearby 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch). Zaanse Schans and Edam are a little touristy for me, but if you've never been inside a windmill, Zaanse Schans is an interesting experience - and closer to Amsterdam than Kinderdijk. I prefer the Alkmaar market on Fridays for a cheese experience (I was terribly disappointed in Gouda's Thursday market).

We last visited Volendam/Marken during COVID times, so they weren't too active. We were driving which made jumping between cities much easier. Marken is "out there" on its own; we enjoyed the vibe of both!

Some of it depends on what day of the week you're there. I do enjoy Delft on Saturdays with the flea market. I do bike through there often. Here's a video I shot early on a Sunday morning that shows a deserted Delft. I don't think you'll err no matter which you select... just gives you the opportunity to see the others on your next trip!

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Skip Zaanse Schans. Touristy recreation and we did not enjoy it one bit.
So easy to take a train to Leiden, Delft, The Hague. All on same train line. Go see these historic flower decked towns with canals.
You can buy Delft porcelain direct from the company there. They shipped my pieces home for me.
If you want to see windmills, take train to Rotterdam and transfer to a riverboat to Kinderdijk. These windmills have always been in this location, 19 of them, not a touristy spot like Zaanse Schans.
And yes, try some pofferrjes add warm off the griddle stroopwafles,delicious!