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Dallas to Amsterdam seems higher than other flights, Why?

I am planning a trip to Amsterdam a few days before a 7 day cruise. I have been looking at prices via the aggregation sites(orbitz, google flights, etc.) and their always seems to be decent prices to Amsterdam in the 400-800 USD range except from Dallas. Why?
We are talking 1200 - 1400 from Dallas?

I am looking at a 15 day trip between 5/23 - 6/8 where my beginning and end dates are flexible. Any ideas?

-Hoping for better prices to the netherlands

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except from Dallas. Why?

Capitalism runs on 'supply and demand'

Other than that, your guess is as good as any from someone else

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Fares are always highly origin- and destination-specific. I don't know how competitive a market DFW is, in general.

Your dates partially overlap the Holland Arts Festival, which could be driving up demand.

It's entirely possible that early January is a time when a lot of people book flights for their upcoming trips, which could trigger fare increases. Who know whether fares will come down again? I certainly do not.

Flights into Brussels look several hundred dollars cheaper, but I don't know what the rail fare from Brussels to Amsterdam will cost you.

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coz they think people from Dallas will pay those prices

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We drive 6 hours to an airport where tickets are regularly ⅓ what they are at our home airport. Your drive would be 3 hours. We use and app called SpotHero to 'rent' a parking space at a hotel, or garage near the airport. Last time we went to Europe for a month and got a spot for $50 at a hotel. Then we uber to the airport. Still far cheaper than paying for a ticket at our home airport, but yea, more work.

(Or maybe there's a cheap flight to HOU from DAL that you buy separately. We've done that too. This past summer we found cheapest flight to Europe from a city 11 hours away. We planned to drive that (!), but then wisely changed our minds when we found a cheap ticket to that city. The cheap ticket to that city + the cheap ticket from there to Europe was still ½ the price of the ticket from our home airport to Europe).

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We did something similar to what Jessica did. We flew Southwest DFW to La Guardia. Then took a non-stop flight to Amsterdam on KLM. We too went a few days before our Rhine River cruise.

I think you might be a little too late to get the less expensive tickets. You're only 5 months away. I got my tickets 11 months in advance as soon as the date was available. $1200-1400 from DFW sounds about right. I've just looked on American which is quoting $1700+ for economy DFW to Amsterdam round trip.

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@ ramblin' on ---- Well, I guess they are correct, because I'm inclined to pay it. Doesn't seem worth it to save a few hundred dollars but have to drive/buy short haul ticket to houston or NY. NY is cheaper but the dfw/LGA tickets cheaper where international haul is from JFK. So I would have to purchase separate tickets AND change airports in New York none-the-less.

Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do.

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Just Googled KLM nonstop from AUS to AMS for same dates is $866. Business class is $2600.

DFW to AMS is $1610 with AA. That's crazy. Maybe worth the drive.

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From Australia we have used Brussels to get to Amsterdam. We took the Thalys train as that worked out cheaper than flying into Amsterdam. And Australia has no high speed train so gently swaying along at 200 km/hour became part of our travel experience.

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Try a regional airport. We live in Corpus Christi, so I'd been searching flights from Houston to Amsterdam of this May. The flights had been running 1200-1400. I accidentally entered in Corpus Christi to Amsterdam and found our flights for 1000 each instead. AND we flight to Houston and get on the EXACT same flight from Houston to Amsterdam for about $400 less. It's more convenient for us, but makes zero sense. I just looked and Waco to Amsterdam is cheaper than DFW. Look to see what other options you may see at othe airports. May be worth a drive for you. Good luck!

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I flew from Detroit Metro to Amsterdam, In July 2019. In general, I try to not spend over $1,500 on plane tickets. I prefer to leave on a Friday night or Saturday, and return on a Saturday. When looking for tickets leaving on Friday nights or Saturdays, from Detroit to Amsterdam, I was dismayed to see that all the tickets I saw listed were not less than $1,900. Then I found a trip for just under $1,400, leaving and arriving on Tuesdays. I was able to take my trip and stay under my supposed plane ticket budget by flying on Tuesdays. Have you observed whether ticket prices vary for you depending on the day of the week?

I have never driven myself to the airport on my way to Europe. I probably would be too tired to drive home from the airport at the end of my trip. Driving tired = driving drunk. Factoring in the 7 hour difference in time zone, how many hours are you likely to be awake from the time you wake up in Amsterdam on the day of your flight back to Dallas, until the minute you would be getting into your car in Dallas on your way home from the airport?