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COVID Restrictions as of today

I am a fully vaccinated American who will be in Amsterdam next August.

However, I was just wondering what COVID restrictions exist today for Americans.

Things change so fast.

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Recently, Americans had to quarantine, but that may have changed. I am going there in 3 weeks, but I am Canadian. As I understand it, I have to fill out a health declaration form or some such, but I don't have to quarantine because I am fully vaccinated and not from a country currently considered "very high risk." I can go to museums and ride public transit, but I can't go into restaurants, concerts, nightclubs, etc. unless I have had a negative Covid test (antigen is ok) not more than 24 hours before. Testing is free and there are numerous locations.

Here is the government website where you can check the rules for your situation:

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Thank you for the info.

The United States is considered very high risk and if I read the information correctly, I will need a recent test even though I am fully vaccinated. I do not think that Americans have to quarantine any longer.

My trip is not until next August so probably things will change before then.

I am fully vaccinated and also had the booster last week.

I am not willing to test so if a test is still required by next August, I will find somewhere else to go.

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if you are unwilling to test you may find it difficult to return to the US . Currently all persons re-entering the US are required to provide a negative covid test.

As you said August is a bit off, and things may change. But they have been this way for a long time...

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Hi Nigel,

I am aware of some of the restrictions but am hoping that they might relax by next August.

I live in Texas and if we still have to mask on the plane, I might reconsider the trip. It is a very long flight from Austin TX to Amsterdam. I do not think that I am going to want to wear a mask.

I am taking a cruise from Amsterdam and NCL will test me at the ship if they are still testing in August. It is included in the cost of my cruise.

We disembark in Reykjavik and my plans are to spend two nights in Reykjavik but if testing is still required before flying home, I might just fly directly home from the cruise. I think NCL will test me on the ship before taking me to the airport and that will be included in my cruise.

I hate the test but I am willing to do it if I do not have to pay a lot to test and if it is very convenient..

I am hoping for the best by next August.

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I haven't seen any press confirming this yet, but it looks like The Netherlands recently took the US off the "very high risk" list, which means a negative Covid test is not required upon entry as long as you have proof of vaccination.

"United States (until 22 October 9:00 AM, high risk area from 22 October 9:00 AM onwards)"

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While taking the US off the High Risk list is a good start, the bigger problem with the Netherlands is that they do not accept the US CDC Card (can't blame them) and make no allowances to obtain valid proof of vaccination, so the only avenue if you would like to have a drink or dine inside, is to test daily. So no test to get in, just continuous testing once there.

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My cruise is not until next August.

If we still have to mask on the plane, I am going to cancel. I have no interest in flying from Austin to Amsterdam wearing a mask.

I will be in Amsterdam two nights before my cruise and required testing might be a deal breaker.

Paul, was it easy to find a test site and did you have to pay?

Just taking a wait and see attitude.

Thanks for the info , Paul and northscranton

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I'm the opposite. I don't want to be on a flight if people don't have to wear masks. :)

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My wife and I have been in the Netherlands for the last 10 days. To board our flight here out of Seattle, we had to provide proof of vaccination (CDC card) & a negative PCR test within 48 hours of our departure. The Delta ticket agent at Seatac scrutinized our documents for several minutes.

Turns out that was the most scrutiny we’ve received this whole trip. When we went through customs in Amsterdam, the inspectors stamped our passports & waved us through in all of about 30 seconds.

In Amsterdam, masks are required on all public transport: trams, trains, & the metro. We did witness one American (sheesh) get on a tram sans mask. The operator of the tram called him out and told him to get off the tram or she’d call the police if he didn’t put on a mask. He refused but several people stood up & offered the man a mask.

In Amsterdam, all the restaurants & cafes require a QR code for entry. My wife & I didn’t have a QR code so we always had our passport & CDC card on hand to enter the various establishments. We were not turned away once. We’ve been in Delft now for the last couple of days & it is the same here.

Also, we visited several attractions including the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, & Stedelijk Museum & none of them required any CV19 status for entry.

In the Netherlands, apart from the mass transit, most do not wear masks. Their idea here is a high vaccination rate & thus a return to normalcy. Indeed it appears to be working since 83% of their population is fully vaccinated vs roughly 60% in the United States (sheesh again.)

Hope this helps someone.

Cheers & happy travels.

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I think the post above, by @Alpenglow07, accurately reflects the CURRENT perspective in the NL. Other than public transportation, masks are not required; social distancing requirements have been removed. Frankly, it's as close to "normal" as we've been for 20+ months. Unfortunately, this week the NL has had the highest COVID numbers since May 2021. As a result, we're currently RED (again) on the EU COVID map. Thus, we're concerned there may be a return to some restrictions locally or sanctions by other EU countries. Now waiting to see what happens.

August 2022 is a long way off and no doubt that rules, restrictions, and policies will change by then...

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"If we still have to mask on the plane, I am going to cancel. I have no interest in flying from Austin to Amsterdam wearing a mask."

Every person is different, of course and we all have different tolerances.

I have to fly from an outlying airport to an international hub so always have some layover time. I flew Spokane to Seattle + 5 hr layover then Seattle to CDG, thru CDG to taxi, taxi to Hotel then time for check in and to my room with an N95 mask. 4:45A PDT to about 10:30 Paris time the next day for when I could remove my mask but room wasn't ready and "I" wasn't ready to go without a mask on Paris streets so really a bit longer maybe ~20 hours. It was 23 hours coming home.

I found the Aura N95 mask by 3M comfortable although my friends did not like them at all. I can get them tight enough that my glasses don't fog but then have to mouth breathe. If masking is not a deal breaker maybe a trial of a few different kinds will help.

I'm considering adopting voluntary masking in airports, on planes and on mass transit even after mask mandates have been lifted. I certainly never picked up a cold this trip which often happens. The mask did not totally protect me from allergens though.

Going to France was worth the time needed to be masked in flight for my safety but each traveler has to evaluate their own situation. Your trip, your choice.

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Thanks for all the info.

Who knows what will be happening by August 2022?

Things might be very normal or dare I say it, there could be another surge or variant,

I am going with the flow.

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Well, Amsterdam is having a surge and going back to more restrictive policies.

Norwegian Cruise line is having outbreaks while sailing even after the initial testing at boarding. . Nothing too terrible yet but some guest have gotten reminders about policy. NCL is. continuing with requiring 100% vaccinations indefinitely.

Next August anyone??? What about the holiday season which is ready to begin?

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Yeah, I am due to land in Amsterdam Nov. 17. With the recent changes, several things have happened....

They did move the US from Very High Risk, to just High Risk. Basically this means that if you are vaccinated, you can travel there for "tourism". You no longer need a test for entry, but to be honest, I test before traveling regardless, so not a huge benefit.

However, as mentioned, the covid rate in the Netherlands is creeping up. They are taking actions to clamp down on it, mainly in preparation for the Winter season, when they are expecting a higher rate anyway (Imagine, a cohesive government that takes action before there is a big problem, silly.) For tourists, the main impact is masks in more instances, and the need to show a green pass, or testing results for more venues, including dining or drinking outside, as well as museums.

One question, maybe for those that reside there or have been, I am getting conflicting information on whether the CDC card is honored, most official stuff says no, peoples experiences, at least in some cases seems to indicate it may be? Personally, since I will be there initially for only a day, then again for a few days, I plan on testing, but any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Museum websites are now changing their wording:
For example, this is from the Rijksmuseum:
"If you are 13 or older you must be able to display a digital or printed Covid certificate QR code to enter the museum"
"If you are unable to display a Covid certificate QR code on the day of your booked visit, contact [email protected] to change your booking for a time when you will be able to display a Covid certificate QR code."

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I'm having a hard time finding official information (which test to take, where are the testing locations, etc.) on any Dutch websites. Can someone please indicate where this information is?

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Is a USA CDC Vaccination Card viable to enter locations in the Netherlands?

It's a great question, and the Dutch government really does not address it well. They are explicit on their websites about needing a QR Code if you are an EU citizen/resident. It tends to get murky and confusing when you get outside those parameters. With our recent surge, restrictions are returning - and thus more confusion.

This website: outlines Visiting the Netherlands and attending an activity with or without a DCC (an EU Digital COVID Certificate). It states:

If you are visiting the Netherlands and would like to attend an
activity, you can use your EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) for this
purpose. For instance a DCC that is proof of vaccination or proof of
recovery of COVID-19. If you don't have a DCC, you will need a
negative test result to attend.

If you travelled to the Netherlands without a DCC and you want to
attend an activity in the Netherlands for which a coronavirus entry
pass is required, get tested before the activity
( You can attend the activity with a negative
result from a test that was done no more than 24 hours earlier. Proof
of vaccination or proof of recovery are not valid without a DCC.

This website talks about going into restaurants. it goes into more detail but then refers you back to the FIRST website I listed...

And that's the quandary. If you take these sites literally as written, then if you do not have a QR Code, you'll have to have proof of testing - or eat outside! THESE NEW RESTRICTIONS just started and we went out to dinner last night... and were promptly asked to show our QR Code - the first time I've done that in the NL in more than 2 months. So a change is happening (fines are hefty for the restaurant owners). But no clear cut answer from the NL government on the USA CDC card that I can find.

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Well, my trip is not until next August and who can predict what the future might bring?

Dare I say it? There could be another variant or perhaps it will be closer to pre-covid.

I have set some limits for myself. If we still have to mask on the plane between Austin and Amsterdam next August, I will cancel my trip. If Norwegian wants to test me pre-cruise, that is acceptable. I do not mind showing my CDC card but I refuse to test and test and test.

So I have set limits for me.

I am glad that I do not need to make any decisions any time soon.

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According to below link as of 11/4/21, paper certificates are accepted from countries outside of EU:

Travelling to the Netherlands with a vaccination certificate from a
country outside the EU If you are a resident of a country outside the
EU to which the the EU entry ban applies, applies, you can travel to
the Netherlands, if you can show a valid, paper vaccination
certificate. The vaccination certificate and the vaccine must meet the
requirements set out below.

Requirements for vaccination certificate You can travel to the
Netherlands with a paper vaccination certificate. Your vaccination
certificate and the vaccine must meet the requirements set out below.

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I would very much like to go to London. Pre-pandemic, I was there a couple of times a year. My main concern is testing and consequences of a positive reading. I understand the US has been removed from the “amber list”, and I understand that in some circumstances, quarantine after a positive reading may not be necessary, but my main concern is a positive reading before I fly home to the US. What then? I imagine this is a concern for travelers returning from other countries.

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I think it's pretty clear the government's stance on non-EU vaccinations:

"Attending an activity without a DCC
If you travelled to the Netherlands without a DCC and you want to attend an activity in the Netherlands for which a coronavirus entry pass is required, get tested before the activity ( You can attend the activity with a negative result from a test that was done no more than 24 hours earlier. Proof of vaccination or proof of recovery are not valid without a DCC."

As a side note, I was curious about the potential enforcement and emailed 2 museums asking if non-EU vaccination certs will satisfy entry requirements. One responded yes, one (Rijksmuseum) did not give a direct answer and regurgitated the official government wording.

I have to say I'm extremely close to moving our vacation somewhere along the Rhine, Mosel, or even Munich to avoid the hassle. The dining indoor QR mandate wasn't a huge deal as many restaurants were reportedly allowing foreign vaccine cards and you could always order take-out if needed. But the museums are the tipping point. I understand the motives, but I'm pretty disappointed at the selective bias of the DCC Code process.

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So... setting aside the fact that it seems totally useless to me to wonder now about what the rules will be next August, there's another thing that has made me wonder:

If you feel that wearing a mask on that flight is too much for you, how on earth are you going to survive a cruise?

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Hi Anna,

I do not see it at all useless wondering about what the future might hold.

Equally, I was interested in the present. I have not gone anywhere in a long time and I am curious about what is/was going on out there.

I am required to pay up my cruise sometime in April. If I am still required to mask on the plane come April, I prefer to cancel.

I would really hate sitting on a plane masked for about 9 or so hours. Some people might not mind. I would mind and would choose not to take such a long flight wearing a mask..

As for the cruise. I am sailing Norwegian. Passengers have to be fully vaccinated and test before boarding. Then you are allowed to go maskless if you choose and guess which I am choosing.

I am uncertain about what is happening with shore excursions.

There have been some recent outbreaks on the ships due to young people not being vaccinated. Now all passengers have to be fully vaccinated and that policy has been extended indefinitely.

UPDATE: I went back to my original post and here is what I asked:

"I am a fully vaccinated American who will be in Amsterdam next August.

However, I was just wondering what COVID restrictions exist today for Americans.

Things change so fast."

I was seeking information and if this discussion has changed course, so be it. Glad for the input.


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Then you are allowed to go maskless if you choose

Sure you read your fine print? For the present at least, on European cruises, you are certainly going to wear your mask indoors unless sitting down and eating, and outdoors wherever social distancing is not possible. And last time I looked, Amsterdam was still in Europe.