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COVID Questions


I (fully vaxxed US citizen) am looking to go to the Netherlands next month. Before booking this sort of thing, I was hoping to get clarity on a few things I am currently not completely clear on with respect to COVID. I absolutely understand things could change, but I wanted to share my expectations and get feedback on whether there are any things I am thinking about incorrectly or overlooking altogether.

It appears I can fly in with no COVID test and no quarantine. It seems like there might be a “health declaration” required, but as far as I can tell, this is no big deal — just signing a paper when I land that says I don’t feel sick and maybe having to carry it with me?

While there:
It looks like I will just be able to do all the things I want to do? The extent of the hassles seems like just having to wear a mask on public transit and having to maybe schedule appointments for a few museum visits where you used to just be able to show up whenever? And I found something online about a Dutch CoronaCheck app that can be used to gain access to places. But (a) I don’t see any places that seem to require it and (b) it seems like it’s only for Dutch citizens anyway, so I can just ignore this? If there is some place that requires any sort of documentation for entry, my physical CDC card should suffice?

I need to test negative within 3 days of my return flight to the US. It looks like there are lots of testing sites where I can get a valid test for <$30, maybe even for free. I get my results on paper (or email?) and then I have to show this to the airline when I’m at the airport? (And if I test positive, I’m screwed?)

Is there anything here I am wrong about or failing to account for? Thanks!

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(And if I test positive, I’m screwed?)

Maybe, maybe not. You may be anywhere on the gamut of no symptoms to mild symptoms to severe symptoms and hospitalization to not coming out of hospital.

The vaccines are shown to reduce but not eliminate the chances of infection, and reduce the severity of the illness, but people are still dying, some even if vaccinated.

So if you are positive you must quarantine, you can't return home until you are negative, and hope for a relatively easy course of the disease. There have been several reports here of vaccinated people who fall ill retaining symptoms of Long Covid after they recover.

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Yes, AS OF TODAY, what you've listed above is very much the current situation in the NL. And yes, that could all change tomorrow.

That said, entry at AMS is NOW among the most lenient in the EU - just fill out the NL Health Declaration Form (and odds are, no one will ask for it - They have not on my last four inbound flights).

Currently, masks - other than public transport and in the airports - are not too prevalent. Not like they were 30 days ago. You should make advance reservations and DO bring your "original" Vaccination cards in case the rules change. We have the Dutch CoronaCheck app and it is restricted to Dutch residents with a DigiD... but no one - be it museums, restaurants, cafes, etc. - has asked to see it, while in the NL. (We have used it when in other countries). A few restaurants are doing tracking and you have to register - many use a QR code placed on the tables so make sure your phone has a QR reader.

And you can even get a Rapid Antigen test for departure at the AMS airport (for a higher fee than in-town). So right now - and it's a concern to many Dutch citizens - the NL is fairly easy to get in and out of.

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NewTraveller: please check out the new requirements effective today (tomorrow?) for Netherlands - even vaccinated travelers must quarantine for 10 days.