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Clothing help

Hi, traveling to Amsterdam from April 17-21 .
What kind of clothing can you advice?
Down coat and snow/rain boots?
Or rain coat and leather booties?

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Like Oregon weather in April. Not serious cold but could be damp and cool. Or not, no predicting weather this far out.

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I would pack some light gloves (and maybe a light knit hat if you usually wear one). We went in 2017, arriving the 2nd week of April. Arrival day was beautiful t-shirt weather, but then it turned cool. I usually had 3 layers on - tshirt, microfleece pullover and my spring jacket (a heavier jacket would have been better, but by the time we got to Paris a few weeks later, a heavier jacket would have been overkill). But I was wishing I had brought some gloves, and it wasn't the right time of year to find any cheap ones in a store, since in April, stores are mostly selling summer stuff. For footwear, I just wore my usual Blundstones, which are good for rain or shine.

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Just take a waterproof (not water resistant) rain shell and a good quality fleece jacket/pullover and your good to go. Layer the Rainshell over the fleece and your warm down to 40 degrees, my favorite fleece are those made by Patagonia or Columbia, and I have had good luck with the Patagonia and Marmot rainshell's. These brands are expensive so watch the web for sales, I can usually get them for 25%-50% off if I'm patient.

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It's unlikely to be very cold by the thermometer (50 degrees Fahrenheit), but it will feel much colder than the thermometer indicates, due to the very high humidity. Therefore, I found that wool was too hot, but if I wasn't wearing lots of cotton or fleece layers, I froze. I also needed gloves and a scarf.

If you're used to a "maritime climate," you'll find it easy to dress for. If you're not (like I wasn't), it's difficult. Down will be too hot, the way my cashmere sweater was.

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we were in AMS the same time last year - everything from cool, windy and rainy to very warm wishing we had shorts :-)
Take a packable jacket with thinsulate or another type of product. You can also carry a light packable rain jacket. Both were hip length and worked just fine.
Consider dressing in layers; skip the down coat or any other jacket with bulk - takes up too much room. Both of my jackets came with a small pouch for packing that I carried in a backpack.
Being an over-thinker, I laid out heavier and lighter clothes.
Check the weather forecast daily starting about a week before you leave to get an idea of the 10-dqay forecast ( or whatever suits your need). This will help you to pack more efficiently for the weather.

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I think it also depends on how cold-tolerant you are. Your location is not indicated so if you are from S. Florida you might need more layers than I would take being used to the colder climate of North Idaho.

I agree with a waterPROOF jacket with a hood as your outer layer. I also agree with glove liners. I use Smartwool brand glove liners. They are a little water-resistant which is helpful. Last year my Smartwool gloves were too ragged to take to Scotland in June so I got another brand (Rab) and they were awful. They seemed to be water absorbent, lol. I DID use them in Scotland in Mid-June on a rainy, windy day.

I'd go with the suggested light-weight fleece and a couple of long sleeve shirts if you are not cold tolerant. You'll also need to hedge your bets with a few SS shirts as well.

I'd consider taking a lighter weight puffy vest if you are very cold natured.

Now is a good time to purchase any kind of outerwear that you might need. Lots of sales going on. Sign up for emails from Land's End and you'll get a lot of codes for big percentages off.