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Clarifying transportation choices

I've read and researched extensively and wonder if I have the best plan for transportation for our first trip to Amsterdam. Input from experienced travelers would be appreciated.

We arrive at Schipol Saturday morning at 8:15 am and will transfer at Central Station to bus 48 to reach our accommodations. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are full days for attractions we want to see, a canal cruise, and a trip to Kroller Muller Museum in Otterlo on one of those days. On Wednesday we take the train after lunch to Paris.

I'm thinking our best option is to buy the one-way ticket at the airport to Central Station (is it train, bus, or either?) and buy the 4-day GVB passes (probably would buy at the airport instead of online). On Otterlo day we'd use the GVB pass to get as far as Amstel Station where we buy the round-trip train tickets to Ede-Wageningen plus the round trip bus tickets from Ede to the museum. Based on what we want to see I'm planning on getting the Museumkaart for our admissions since we'll at least break even on the cost, and the math on the I amsterdam City Card doesn't work as well for us.

TripKey looks like it would cover all of the transportation, even to Otterlo, but we don't want to return it to the airport since we leave by train from Central Station. The website says return can be made to Amsterdam Circle Line which has a stop close to Central Station, but the RS update shows the drop-off point to be Kerkstraat 155a which is too far from Central Station. It also lists return "by envelope", but I haven't seen any comments about using that method. The issues about availability until June also makes me hesitant to use it. Thanks for any advice!

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With your plans I don't think the TripKey card - or the OV Chipkaart - would be of much advantage. You only have a few trips to make which aren't covered by the GVB pass. Separate tickets for those trips might be just a few euros more expensive than using a card, but doesn't have the costs of those cards and the hassle of returning them.
The trip from Schiphol airport to Centraal Station is by train, running every 10 mins or so and taking between 15 and 20 mins. A single ticket is EUR 4,30 plus a small surcharge for buying a separate paper ticket.
The Museumkaart is a good investment. For me the value is also it invites you to visit smaller museums which you otherwise would have skipped. On their website you find a list of all the museums in Amsterdam and region which are covered.

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That thread in addition to the return issue is what gave me the concerns I listed. It sounds like our plans are right.

A friend just posted 3 gorgeous pictures from Amsterdam today, and they made the trip in six weeks really start to feel real. And our four nights are going to be spent on a houseboat, and we can't wait.

We've never been in Amsterdam but did pass through Schipol several years ago on our way home from another trip. Ours was the last flight to get out when the Iceland volcano blew. I've always wished we could've stayed a few days, but it was no doubt challenging for those who couldn't leave.