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changing trains in Hilversum

We will be staying overnight near the airport in Amsterdam then taking the train on to Minden Germany to visit family for Christmas. We noticed that we have to change trains in Hilversum . Looks like 15 minutes between the connection. We use to be able to board at Schiphol take same train all the way to Minden (Berlin train). I have a bad knee and am worried about making the transfer.

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When looking at train schedules through DB, you can request longer connection times. For instance, if I request at least 20 minutes, they recommend a 22-minute connection, which is at Hengelo instead of Hilversum.

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DB shows you will be changing from track 2 to track 3. That is a cross platform change, as easy as it gets. Walk 20 feet. Keep in mind that schedules will change about December 13 for the European wide winter readjustment, so things could change. Also, Hilversum has elevators, so even if there was a platform change, it would be pretty easy. 15 minutes is a long time at small stations like this.

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There are no longer direct trains from Schiphol to Germany. 15 minutes is more than enough to make a transfer in Hilversum.