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Canal boat ride in AMS

My husband, two kids (11 and 12 years old) will be in Netherlands from March 26-29. I would like to do an hour (or so) canal boat ride with the family that is reasonably priced ($20-30/person). My questions are:

1) is this something I need to book in advance or can we do it “on the spot”?

2) is there a web site i can go to book this in advance or physical place if doing it “on the spot”?

3) any particular company/person you recommend?

4) when is the best time during the day for canal cruise?

5)any other tips/suggestions??

Thank you for you help in advance.


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  1. Not really. Should be able to just walk up

  2. We have used two different companies over a couple of years. Didn't see much different in approach

  3. We did both in the pm and it was fine.

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We were in Amsterdam in September. Our B&B host recommended This is a hop on hop off cruise. We did not book in advance. We picked a lovely day and boarded at the Rijksmuseum stop. The fee was $19. We did a round trip in less than 90 mins. We took an early afternoon cruise. We took the tour at the beginning of our stay and felt it was an excellent way to see Amsterdam from the water. There were several families on our tour. We would gladly take this cruise again.

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There are several canal cruise companies and I have yet to see much difference . Last June 2019 I had a HOHO tour by Stromma company . No reservations , get a ticket that's good for 24 hours . Go in the afternoon and the next morning you can go on a boat tour again ( you have to keep your dated and timed ticket from the first trip of course ) On line 22.50 euro for 24 hours or 27.50 euro for 48 hours

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I did the same HOHO tour, getting on at the Rijksmuseum. It's #1 on the map, accessible through the website linked below.

Here's the Hop On Hop Off Bus & Boat link. It was well worth the money, but the discussion was recorded.

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Lo , we did the same . First toured the Rijks and across the street hopped on the Stromma tour boat . It was a gloomy day so we did stuff that kept us out of possible rain. Michael , skipper of the boat , made hot chocolate for my twin grandkids , my d-i-l and me right there on the boat saying that way we could get warmed up !! How's that for service ? Mike did say to the kids : " This is Amsterdam hospitality ".! And it was . Thank you Mike !