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Bus or Uber??

We are arriving in Amsterdam on the Eurostar on Friday, April 26 (YES, the day before Kings day!!); we arrive at 22:11; we are staying at the Mozy Amsterdam Houthavens for just this one night & then will be leaving the following day on a "bike & barge" cruise.

  1. I believe we can take bus 48 or 248 but I've read maybe that they won't run at night?? (Because it is Kings Day the following day, I read that some transportation will be closed??)

  2. Are buses double the price at night??

  3. Do we pay on board using our credit or debit cards??

  4. On Saturday, we are hoping to be able to walk from our hotel to our barge (we only each have a back pack); will this be safe or are there NO sidewalks & too busy streets??

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful, helpful advise!!


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Might start with the iamterdam website and the section on King's Day. Might also look the GVB travel planner or the AMS website for ground transportation info.
How far is your hotel from the docks? Check Google maps for a street view.
Last year we had no safety issues and sidewalks are abundant.
Have fun!

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Good that u know kings day here in amsterdam is chaotic. If u can take tram it will be by credit card no cash accepted. Expect delays as canals, streets etc are congested. Find out in adv where your barge embarks, for sure. I am in ams right now and nights here are crowded even w,\o a holiday.

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Amsterdam Transport (GVB) has not posted any Kingsday updates but Bus route 48 does not cross crowded Kingsday areas so they should operate perfectly on the Friday evening!
Fare at normal price, Central Station has GVB ticketbooth.
Assuming you barge waterfront between your hotel and Central Station you should be okay.
Kingsday morning between 10.00 and 14.00 huge number out of town visitors will arrive by train/Central Station

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We arrive at Central station at 22:11 on Friday evening (April 26); I'm not very good with using the transportation website but it looks to me like I don't have much pick at that time of night......It looks like Bus 283 leaves at 22:14, but quite doubtful that we won't be able to make that since this is all new to us.

I assume we would then use Bus 281 which leaves at doesn't get me as close as bus 48 or 248, but they aren't running.

How far of a walk is it to Mozy Amsterdam Houthavens (Danzigerkade 175.......1013AB)........does a tram go there or am I limited to the bus??

ALSO, the full fare if 4,50---is this good for 24 hours or just the one way??

(SORRY I'm so dumb!!)


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I am 100% sure that Bus 48 is the best one ta take from Central Station! It runs, also on that friday evening, every 15 minutes. (all 200, 281 ect. are night busses! and do not operate at your time of arrival!)

Bus platform is located at the Waterfront side (first floor), just past TRAIN platform nr. 14. You will also find ticketmachine there.
You should be able to catch the 22.38 departure bus 48.....arriving 22.47 Koivista kade en then 6 min. walk to your hotel.

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THANKS for your detailed help!! WOW!!

(We KNOW that we'll be tired so it is wonderful to know what we have to do.)

So, one more dumb question.......this ticket is good for just this one way, correct?? I thought that I read something about tickets lasting for 24 hours, but I could be confused!! (LOL)

Have a GREAT day & again THANKS!!