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Booking Anne Frank House w/ the it possible?

When I was in AMS three years ago, I don't recall there being a movie that one could / had to book separately in terms of tickets. There is now, but looks impossible to book. I'm hoping someone can give me tips on how to book it as well as provide any additional information on it.

They make the tickets available exactly 60 days in advance. It appears there is one, and only one, time slot. Further, that one time slot looks to have only 30 spots available. Finally, that one time slot appears to be at 18:30...pretty late.

I don't think I have any chance of booking this as our trip is now 2 months away. Today's tickets disappeared in less than one hour so it is sought after.

Are there any tips or experiences with this visit?

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There seems to be plenty of tickets for the Museum only, but I can see where the Museum plus the Movie is sold out. I have not seen the movie to give it a rating, but I certainly wouldn't let that stand in the way of seeing the Museum. Maybe someone has seen the movie and will let you know if it is worth it. Enjoy AMS.

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Agreed on not being a 'go/no go' factor. We'll see the museum.

There is a continuous loop movie in the museum, right at the end. I do not believe this to be the same one. I believe this one is fairly new and is separate from the main museum. They charge extra for it I believe, and it is a totally separate timed visit.