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Birding/nature guide in The Hague?

I'll be staying in Den Haag for 5 days, and would like to find a guide to take me walking in nature - birds and plants mostly. I saw one posting about a woman there, but simply cannot find it again, so would appreciate any pointers. Thanks

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Well, I'm pretty good at searching through Rick Steves, and I couldn't find it. There is one regular here, Pam from Coeur d'Alene who is interested in birding and has been to the Netherlands and may be able to help. Sadly, we cannot tag anyone in these posts, but I'll send her a message and see if she knows anything.

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I am not so familiar with bird watching but know that Natuurmonumenten is one of the leading organizations about everything has to to with nature in the Netherlands. Their website is Dutch only but they will certainly respond in English if you contact them.
Here you can find their email address:

The Wadden islands and the Waddensee are famous for all kinds of wildlife, especially birds. You can contact the Waddenvereniging for this, their website is in Dutch only too:

Same for National Park De Biesbosch, however no idea how to contact the visitor centre.
Hopefully this works:

Think best is to contact Natuurmonumenten and they can help you further with more specific interests.

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I wish I had some resources for you for a nature guide! Sorry....

If you do find someone or follow Wil's links I hope you will circle back to update!

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If you haven’t already, try out, it has lots of info on birding by country. You may get lucky and find something useful.