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Will be in Amsterdam for 5 days in mid October. I’m reading about the different cards available for the sites and museums etc, along with train/tram/bus . Mostly, I’m confused, ha,ha,,,is there a site which will give you some comparison between the cards so you can decide which is best? As an example, we arrive on a Saturday after a river cruise and then on Sunday, our friends will arrive. Really, the sightseeing will start Monday , VGM, the Riks and AFH being the only Museums, and planning day trips outside Amsterdam for the remainder. So, trying to figure out if a card pass is suitable. Thanks for some help here

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For sure to Harlem and also to a couple smaller towns. One being where the outdoor museum if along with another park next to it. Sorry, I don’t have my info with me, as I’m not at home. Will have at least 2 days of needing train for our sightseeing. Just wondering what card will combine both city/outside city the best.

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The NS will cover both Haarlem and Zaanse Schans, but you have to ask yourself, can you just buy a round trip ticket for less. For instance, Amsterdam to Haarlem is 4.30 EUR each way with an OV Chipkaart. With a paper ticket it will be a little more, since there is a small adder for the cost of printing the ticket with an embedded chip to open the turnstiles. So a round trip ticket would be about 10 or 11 EUR, less then the NS regional day pass. Zaanse Schans is less than that.

If it was me, I'd just get a 5-day GVB pass and buy daily round trip tickets for out of town journeys.

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Ok will check out the GVB -5 day pass, but I was hoping for something that included access to museums. So I understand then that train travel (tram, bus etc) within Amsterdam is purchased separately and no one card will give both transportation and passes to museums?

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Afaik there is only when pass that includes attractions and transport, the iAmsterdam City Card. This however only includes transport operated by GVB.

The fee for a paper train ticket is one euro. There is no fee when you buy your train tickets online via

iAmsterdam City Card:
GVB tickets:

You could also buy the Museumkaart (60 euros for max 5 museum visits)

Whether or not you need transport in Amsterdam all depends on where you are staying and where you are planning to go. Amsterdam is a very walkable city.

You would have to do the math your self. What do you want to visit, what transport do you need and what are the regular prices. Compare that to the different cards and what they have to offer.

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What you're seeking exists in Copenhagen, but not Amsterdam. The Copenhagen Card covers transit and many attractions, not only in Copenhagen itself, but a large region around the city, including most of the viable daytrips (Roskilde, Helsingor, Hillerod, etc). Nothing comparable exists for Amsterdam.

As with any such tourist cards, transit passes, etc. you have to do the math for your particular trip, and see which is the best deal for your needs; there is no shortcut. For instance, for many visitors, the Copenhagen Card would be overpriced, particularly if you aren't seeing a lot of things outside the city (like Amsterdam, central Copenhagen is very walkable, and Copenhagen doesn't have the "must see" museums on the level of Amsterdam's).

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Very good, I have my pencil in hand and will do my math now, regarding the best approach. Since we are very close to the centre of lots of things, walking is the way to go . Thanks everyone.