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Best way to go from Amsterdam to Salzburg

My husband and I taking the My way Alpine tour. It starts in Salzburg late August we now think it would be fun to go early and visit Amsterdam on our own for a few days. What would be the best way to get to Salzburg from Amsterdam? The Belgium/Holland tour is on our bucket in the future. This would give us a taste.. or would it involve too much travel time.

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F!y to Munich take the bus or train would be my preference.
I don't like long train rides that require you to change trains.

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Do you have to do it in one day? If not, you might want to take the train and do a one-night stopover somewhere (Frankfurt is a logical stop). Train from Amsterdam to Frankfurt - 4 hrs, no changes; train from Frankfurt to Salzburg - 5 hrs 40 min, no changes. If you don't mind long train rides you could do it on one day, 9+ hours on the train but that can be very relaxing before starting a tour that may be very active.

EDIT: edited to add - there is no 'best' way to get from one place to another. It depends on what is more important to you - time, cost, experience?

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I have been looking at the same trip and decided to fly from Amsterdam to Munich then take the train to Salzburg. 11 hour train rides were just a bit too much.

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We just booked flight from Amsterdam to Munich. Now to figure out the train to Salzburg. KLM had pretty good price