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Best way to get from Amsterdam to Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest


4 friends and I are going to be departing from Amsterdam to Munich on September 30, 2014. I can imagine this is a crazy time to travel into Germany with Oktoberfest, and from what I have been researching, it seems that it might be cheaper to fly than to take the train. We are looking for a good deal, and would not have issues with a little bit longer ride. Any suggestions?

thank you!

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Oktoberfest will not impact the train from Amsterdam. When you arrive in Munich the train station might be a bit more crowded than usual and you might see some drunk people. We stayed in a small town about 50 minutes from Munich during Oktoberfest a few years ago. We took the train to Munich twice and it was not jam packed. If you prefer to take the train you shouldn't have any problems.

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That was interesting. You can search the net for other places you can visit in Amsterdam and Munich.

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If you're ready to lock in that train ticket 3 months ahead, then that's when it's cheapest through DB, and you can add a seat reservation for 4 euros. Or if you're using a railpass for one or both coutnries, you can get an optional seat reservation when you arrive in Amsterdam.