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best transport from Airport into Amsterdam

According to RS the train is the best, most cost-effective mode of transport from the airport into Amsterdam. After traveling overnight (including a stopover) I want to make sure our trip from the airport is not stressful as well. So: is the train indeed the best way to go? I'm not keen on blowing 50+ Euros for a cab (20-30 for Uber), but I would if the train is actually a pain. Our hotel appears to be a ten-minute walk from Central Stn.

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The train only takes fifteen minutes and the old town of Amsterdam is not car friendly compared to 10 minutes walk. Not unless you have trouble lifting your bag while entering the train then it shouldn't be stressful. But it could be crowded the train like Amsterdam is crowded suffering from overtourism. Sometimes you have to stand on that 15 minute train ride. Factor that it is about 6 Euros one way on the train and the RS guide is written by seasoned travelers

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The railway station is right under the arrivals hall. Take the escalator, wait 5 or 10 minutes, and you're on your way.
To make life easier, you can buy buy your ticket in advance at the NS (Dutch Railways) website. Your ticket is valid for all trains running that day, all-station Sprinter trains or express Intercity.

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The train was absolutely easy. One time we arrived to Amsterdam via cab because we came from a cruise that docked elsewhere. The cab couldn't/wouldn't even take us all the way into our inn which was on a canal. There were cars driving the road, but it seemed that it is a bit of work to navigate the area. We were also a 10 minute walk from the train station.

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It will depend on the day and time of day as to the crowdedness. I've ridden trains in and out of Amsterdam on various lines and can only remember one or two where anybody stood. But I avoid rush hours and football matches, and I don't travel on KIngs Day.

Escalators and lifts/elevators at both Centraal Station in Amsterdam and at the airport station. Easy. Fast. Cheap. Frequent. If a train does pull up that doesn't look like it has easy seating, just wait 5 or 10 minutes for the next one.

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I say the extra euros are worth the extra euros on day of arrival to take a taxi to your hotel. Getting from Centraal station to a hotel is a time consuming process in my opinion and I would not waste my time and take a taxi from Schiphol. Many are now Teslas.

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Definitely do the train as it is simple. The baggage area has ticket machines where you can buy your ticket while waiting for your bags. The ticket machines in Schipol take credit cards whereas the machines in many stations only take coins or Dutch Maestro cards.

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No brainer....the train is the way to go. Not even close.

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Since your hotel is close to central station the train is the best choice. However, if your hotel had been in the Museum district, a bus is the better choice. The answer for your question really depends on where your hotel is located.

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Take the train ! Situated just below the airport. Do keep your luggage by your side at all times , especially on the train. And take the airline tags OFF . You don't want to advertise that you are having jetlag .