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best toasties (Amsterdam - Utrecht - Gouda - Schevenigan - Den Bosche)

Does the Netherlands have an iconic sandwich as a whole or best in certain cities? We love sandwiches and are traveling next week. We are staying Utrecht and Amsterdam and planning a few day trips to some or all places mentioned in the title.

Even if not a sandwich - what are great snack places to try. Best fries with satay sauce? Bitterballen?

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I found the French Fries in Amsterdam to be amazing although it might have had something to do with the Coffee Shop next door. They have storefronts that sell ONLY French Fries!

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No sandwiches, but other iconic Dutch food includes:
- A herring roll (»broodje haring«). A nice place to get them is the stall in front of the Binnenhof government complex in The Hague, which you'll pass on route to Scheveningen.
- A sausage roll (»saucijzenbroodje«). No the most healthy snack on this planet, but quite irresistable. I had once a good one with the HEMA at Den Bosch railway station.
- Gouda is famous for its treacle-waffle (»stroopwafel«). Best when bought fresh from a stall and still warm.
- A croquette roll (»broodje kroket«) is another classic. Should be available in any classic snack bar. Best with a lavish dose of mustard.

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Not only a sandwich but a cultural iconic figure - FEBO. Yes, all caps

Not very tasty though.