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Best time of day to do the Anne Frank Huis

Getting ready to get up at 2:45 am tomorrow to grab some tickets. Is a there good time to visit the museum?

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Did this 6 months ago: actually, because of the timed entry procedure they carefully enforce, there will be the about same number of visitors in the Haus at any time you go, probably slightly less as the closing time approaches, but not really something that needs to be considered. The experience met all expectations we had, even exceeded them.

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Get the earliest opening time available and then be first in line before opening. That way you are ahead of everyone and not sandwiched in. And like the previous poster said there would probably be less people before closing

Any timeslot you are able to book is fine. They have a specific amount of tickets to be sold for every timeslot. So even though its busy, its never overcrowded. They are also very strict with the time of your ticket.
Tickets are only booked online and sold out every day.... so good luck and absorb the whole experience.

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As has been said before, by all but one poster, there is a strict timed entry system there which has the advantage of making it a relaxed system, unlike other attractions in Europe without a timed entry system. The system avoids the huge crowds at other places.
You really don't have to get the earliest time available, or stress about being the first one in line for your 15 minute timed entry. But do show up within your 15-minute entry window.
And then enjoy the experience of this poignant place.

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I had a 10 am time slot and was impressed by the control of the crowd--a couple of times we were held back for the rooms ahead to clear. I had hoped to be alone, however briefly, in even one room so as to thoroughly absorb the fact that I was truly there, but that never happened. Still, very much worth seeing--I read her diary at the age of 10 and it made a huge impact on me.

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Thanks all!
We got up at 2:55 AM here is Seattle and was able to book a Museum + tickets for four at 10:15 cost was 25 euro and we will use our MuseaumKaart once we get to Amsterdam. Very easy to do using a Citi Visa.
Safe Travels to all and hope to see on the path.

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Please folks , mind the spelling of the HUIS !! Don & Cyndi gave you the right spelling !
It's not Haus . HAUS is the German name for House . HUIS is the Dutch name for House. Considering that this house is located in Amsterdam , The Netherlands it's a HUIS . So let's not call it by it's German name .