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Best time for autumn leaves in Amsterdam?

I am planning a trip to Amsterdam, probably in late 2020, to spend a week visiting several museums and also photographing the city and canals. It would be great if that week fell right in the middle of Amsterdam's autumn "leaf season". I have spent a bit of time searching the web to find out when that might be, without learning anything more specific than "the autumn", or perhaps "October to November". Unfortunately, I can only afford a week in Amsterdam, not two months. I realize that this type of thing is difficult to predict, but I am hoping that somebody, perhaps a long-time Amsterdam resident, could narrow the time estimate to one or more weeks when it is "more likely than not" that the leaves will have begun to turn, but that the trees will not yet be totally bare. Any guesses? Thank you!

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Not a resident but I have been there that time of year. You want to go around the 2nd to 3rd week November

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Amsterdam has a similar Latitude 52.353218 N and Marine Climate as London, and Vancouver near me, which also have very wet Octobers. But this is the probable month for leaves turning. In higher elevations leaves turn early, but since Amsterdam is flat I'd bet late October. Early November may be OK but too late for the brighter leaves. Just keep fine tuning your research. Check the "scrapbooks" of autumn travelers on Rick's home page. Good luck!