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Best place to withdraw Euros in AMS?


I'll be arriving at Amsterdam Centraal Station and need to withdraw Euros to pay for my hotel.

Can anyone recommend what type of bank/ATM I should look for (and the ones avoid) to safely withdraw my monies?

I realize all ATMs aren't created equally. Is there a good one in that area that is safe and that doesn't scalp in fees?

Rick mentions some networks to avoid, like Travelex and such.

I'd appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.

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Any bank-owned ATM (e.g. Rabobank, I forget the rest of them) will be fine, as they are all the same -they do not charge fees for ATM use. Whether your bank charges a fee for out of network ATMs is another issue, as is whether your bank charges any increases for foreign transactions. if your bank is in the PLUS/Cirrus system then the cost of your currency should be about .8% from the network, not counting what your bank would also surcharge.
Travelex ATMs look like an ATM, but it is run by Travelex, a currency exchange, thus much higher charges.

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Although Rick only mentions the GWK currency exchange windows in Amsterdam Centraal, I'm sure you'll also find bank-branded ATMS there, as well as on any of the main roads you take toward your hotel. At most hotels, you pay when you leave, but there are those who ask for payment in advance. If necessary, they'd let you drop your bags while you go out to find cash.

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I usually use those ATMs provided by Post - the post office - on the wall. I'm pretty sure that there is one in Haarlem near platform 1, and my memory is that there is one in the same general area in Amsterdam Central. Sorry I didn't see you message before I headed out this morning - I was just there. oops.

It is good advice to stay away from Travelex. They aren't a bank at all, just a money exchange company. Their machines which look like ATMs and do push out money when you put your card in, are actually automatic money exchange machines which charge pretty high fees and awful exchange rates.

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I use an ATM finder on my ipod touch sometimes, but I never seem to have any trouble finding a bank ATM. If you want to look before you leave, you can use Google maps. Zoom into your location and then just type ATM into the search box. Postbank, Rabobank, ING, and ABM AMRO are common banks where you will get a fair conversion. There is a Travelex ATM in the station, stay away from that one!