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Best place to see Tulips (mid April)

We (4 adults) will be in Amsterdam from 17 - 21 April. We thought about visiting Keukenhof, but is there other options / ways to see tulip fields or is a day trip to Keukenhof the best option?


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You really don't want to miss Keukenhof.
You can view tulip fields and bike through the countryside, but Keukenhof is more than tulips.
While it can appear to be crowded from the mass of buses and cars in the parking lot, the gardens are very large and a great place to wander and take in the beauty. It is hard to leave unimpressed!
Be sure to check out the orchid display.
Go during the week; on weekends it is the busiest.

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There is no way that you will top the gardens at Keukenhof...and the surrounding fields where the bulbs are grown. Watch for them if you fly out of Schiphol...the colors and extent are amazing.
Keukenhof at the right time is a amazing....a day trip there is absolutely worth the effort and time.

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Agree TOTALLY with the other two posters. I have visited many incredible gardens in my life, but Keukenhof (and the surrounding tulip fields in bloom) stands out as one of the most beautiful. I was there for half a day with a tour group, and I really did not want to leave. Had we been traveling independently, we would have stayed ALL day...seriously!

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Thanks so much for all the feedback. Then we are definitely going to Keukenhof!! :)
Will book our tickets in advance.

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Know in advance that Keukenhof is akin to Disneyland but with the most incredible beds of flowers you may have ever seen. The beds are architecturally breathtaking. Try to avoid the mob scene by going when the gates open or later in the day.

"The Disneyland of Tulips"

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I'll repeat my experience - we went in 2016 - my husband is not a morning person so I knew getting there early (as people say you should) was not gonna happen. We arrived around lunch (via bus from Schiphol), and seeing all the cars in the lot, we decided to rent a bike (from the Rent a Bike Van Dam guys in the parking lot). We took a few hours to bike around to the fields then came back - parking lot was much less crowded, and the pavilions inside were pretty empty (I'd heard they could be very crowded) - so don't feel like you need to get there first thing - for us at least, going in mid-afternoon worked perfectly. We spent a few hours, then I was all tulip-ed out. I'm not much of a bike rider anymore, but it's so flat, other than the brisk winds blowing me about, the cycling was not strenuous, and the fields are AMAZING.

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Glad to hear that you will go to Keukenhof. We went last spring and loved our train ride through the bulb fields to get to the special display gardens in Keukenhof. We were there, moving very slowly, with a family with a baby in a carriage. We spent from mid morning to late afternoon at Keukenhof. We could tell that the number of people dropped off exponentially from after lunch time until closing. By mid afternoon we could have walked almost unimpeded behind the large carriage at a pretty good pace. We covered about 3/4 of the outdoor and indoor displays during our time there. I’d save the indoor display areas for late afternoon when crowds should really start to thin out. We picked the warmest, sunniest of our 3 week stay in Holland for our day to visit Keukenhof. We bought tickets about a week ahead of time, online once we were sure of the weather.

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I went last April and it was spectacular! We stayed in Haarlem and caught a bus to the gardens. arriving about 10 am. It was crowded but the grounds are so huge that there was plenty of room for people to spread out. We had lunch in their lunchroom which was difficult to manage. It was a lovely day and I'm so glad we went.
We bought tickets online in advance before we left the states. The tickets are not timed on a particular day so it gives you flexibility to choose a nicer weather day during your stay.

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Hi, a cheap way to do the gardens is by bus, just following their instructions on the Keukenhof website to get there. Here is the link: The gardens are amazing and well worth a visit. If you are feeling adventurous, you can rent bikes near the gardens and cycle their suggested routes to see fields in bloom, check out this lot: If you're looking for a driving tour company frm Amsterdam that does the gardens and the fields then there's this outfit that are really well reviewed:

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The tulip fields in bloom are an incredible sight to see. Breathtaking, one of my favorite travel highlight memories. We started at Kuekenhof and then spread out from there.

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Is a combiticket purchased through the Keukenhof a "skip-the-line" ticket, or does one need to purchase a skip-the-line ticket through a tour company?

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Yes, its a skip the line ticket. We bought on Keukenhof's website with travel from Amsterdam for 30,50 Euro pp. Also a open ticket which you can use any day.