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Benelux pass

I apologize if this has been addressed but I could not find it with my search.
I am planning a trip to Belgium and Luxembourg. I have a flight into Amsterdam and my plan is to to travel directly to
Luxembourg City from the airport. When I searched on Rick's site it stated that this was not covered by the pass.
I am confused. My understanding is the pass covers the 3 countries. Why would this trip not be valid?
I am planning multiple other excursions from there which is why I am interested in a pass. The Luxembourg one way trip alone is at least $150 pp whereas a Benelux pass for 4 days for 2 of us is $300.

Thanks for any help you can give me or ideas for alternative routes.

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You do not need a pass.
Just buy point to point tickets.
It will save you from a lot more money and confusion.
Use the rail site.

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I just updated my request with additional info. Thanks for your reply. I will check that site

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Those $150 one-way tickets from Amsterdam Schipol to Luxembourg use the Thalys for the part of the trip to Brussels and are expensive. If you travel on IC trains, walk up price is about 70 EUR using all IC trains. and if you use the Thalys with a Benelux pass, that is another 15 EUR per person for a seat reservation.

Given you have a big train trip immediately after you land, a Benelux pass could be beneficial. Stick to the IC trains to avoid the Thalys seat reservation fees.

PS, I can't find anything on the Rick Steves site saying the Benelux Pass is not valid from Schipol to Luxembourg . The only train that it cannot be used on is the Eurostar train from Amsterdam Centraal to London, that stops in Brussels on the way. That is only 3 times a day and easily avoided.

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Thanks everyone. I pulled up the info on the rail europe site . I entered that I had a rail pass and was planning to travel from Amsterdam Schipol to Luxembourg City. This is where I go the info that the pass was not valid for that trip.

Your site does not indicate that information. I have emailed Rail Europe to check on this as it will not be worthwhile for me to buy a pass if I can't use if for this route.

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We used the pass and actually paid for consulting time to talk to Laura at Rick's, she was well worth the consulting fee.

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are either of you seniors? If so, you can go anywhere in Belgium, will a few restrictions, for just over 5€ each.

CFL prices in Luxembourg are extremely cheap.