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Benelux Pass

Hi, i am not sure if i should buy a rail pass (benelux pass) or just pay each way. This is my intinerary. Can you please assist! Thank you!
Day 1 Amsterdam
Day 2 Amsterdam
Day 3 Day trip Delf and Leiden (back to Amsterdam)
Day 4 Amsterdam
Day 5 Antwerp (then overnight Ghent )
Day 6 Ghent
Day 7 Day trip to Bruges (back to Ghent)
Day 8 Haarlem

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It looks like the saver pass price (assuming that you have two traveling together) is just breaking even with the 2nd-class ticket estimates on our map at In that case, it could add some hop-on convenience but not save any money. Both countries have a number of local ticket discounts that I have not calculated, such as roundtrip, off peak, senior, etc. In either case, I would try to avoid the Thalys train, as tickets are more expensive than the slightly slower trains or require a hefty seat reservation fee with the rail pass.

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Thanks laura. I might just stick with the point to point tickets then if there isn't much savings using a rail pass.

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Also can i buy one train fare if i am to trval Amsterdam to Ghent. Can i get off at Antwerp first to look around and jump back on the connecting train to Ghent? Or do i have to buy 2 separate tickets?