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Babysitting Services in Amsterdam

We'd like to have one night out at nice restaurant without our well-behaved 6 year old (she's patient but I cannot see anything on the menu should would consider eating) and wanted to know if anyone had ever used any of the sitter/nanny sites that are used there? I feel kind of uncomfortable because I don't know their track record or how they verify backgrounds (if the do at all) of some of the young women on the sites.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I can’t answer you question, but I too felt uncomfortable, so I never did. Maybe you can get her something to eat before the restaurant and get her a dessert while you eat your entree?

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An alternative to a babysitter would be the The Kinderkookkafé. It's sort of like a culinary day care center. You drop your child off in the afternoon, and while you are out and about they prepare a meal for the parents when they return a few hours later. Not precisely what you asking for but it's worth considering.

more details here:

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Thank you Michael for answering the question asked. This sounds like an interesting idea. I really appreciate it.