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Avoiding Red Light District in Amsterdam

We are spending a couple of hours between trains in Amsterdam, with young children. I do not want to go near the Red Light District or anything like it. We just want to take a scenic - as in canals and flowers - easy walk from Centraal, eat a local breakfast, and walk back to Centraal. Please route me on a g-rated walk/breakfast.

Thank you.

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The "red light district" is a fairly small area you can avoid with ease. Search for "De Wallen, Amsterdam" and it will pinpoint the neighborhood within which 95% of all adult filthy businesses are located (the southern part of De Wallen is not a red light district, but you can avoid it altogether).

As a suggestion, I'd take a tram from Amsterdam Centraal straight to Leidesenplein (trams #1, 2 or 5). From there I'd walk slowly my way back to the station walking through Joordan and Grachtengordel-West. That is a pleasant walk on a fair weather day.

If you don't want to bother with trams, you can just exit the station and wander on a Southwest/west direction, and you will reach these areas full of canals and old houses.

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Take a walk around this area very close to Centraal Station:
Having said that there is a very small red light area nearby confined to a single small alleyway which you may or may not stumble into. But given your time constraints this area is the only real option available.

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There are numerous canal boat tours right in front of the station. You might consider one of those. The boat tours are usually about an hour long.

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If your children are very young, do keep them close, so they don't dart out in front of bicycles. Bicycles are a primary mode of transportation for many of the Dutch, and they move along at quite a clip within the city. You will see lots and lots and lots of bicycles.........part of the charm of the city.

Red Light District is very easy to avoid, and during daylight hours it appears more tame.

Amsterdam is a lovely city, and you will love the canals....lots of little bridges to walk over (and the bikes will go over them, too).

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Remember there are three red light districts in Amsterdam. De Wallen is not the only one. So you mus avoid the other ones also!