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ATM for cash at bank

My debit card doesn't have a chip just the old style magnetic strip. I will be in Amsterdam in a few weeks. Will I be able to get cash with my card at an atm outside of a bank? Thanks.

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You should be able to without issue.

That is as long as you notify your bank where and when you will be, your bank allows European ATM transactions, and it actually is a bank ATM. Officially, the mag stripe cards will be supported at bank owned and operated ATMs worldwide until 2020.

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Yes. Read RS FAQ on ATM Tips for the full story:

Bringing an extra ATM card provides a backup if one is demagnetized or
eaten by a machine. Make sure your card won’t expire before your trip
ends. You do not need a chip-and-PIN card to use a European ATM —
your standard magnetic stripe card will work fine.
[Bold emphasis