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Any Haarlem hotels on a Canal? Quiet?

Am just starting research for our spring, 2024, trip to the Low Countries.

Have been reading previous Trip Reports and OP threads. Many folks here are recommending staying in Haarlem instead of Amsterdam. Agree?
Many of the hotels in the RS Guide seem to be on/ near Grote Markt. After a previous experience recently in Italy, I was wondering about street noice. Is it a problem in this area? Also wondering if you all can recommend any hotels on a canal? (Is that feasible?) will be interested in your personal take on charming hotel with breakfast, as many hotels aren't showing up on, as April 2024 is too far out, I guess.
We will be accessing trains into Amsterdam, but it seems that the train station area isn't as charming?
I know, I'm at the 101 level of research here, but a gal has to start somewhere. ( I'm also slowly recovering from Italy-sourced COVID, am very bored, so trip research is my entertainment.)
For our two week trip, we expect to stay in Haarlem, Delft, and Bruges, not necessarily in that order.
We can do steps in hotels, and will only have carry-on luggage.
I have planned many trips with the input here on the Forum, and I value and trust your input. Thanks so much!

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Many folks here are recommending staying in Haarlem instead of Amsterdam. Agree?

Agree. If I had to do my trip over again I think I'd stay in Haarlam over Amsterdam.

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I just read your Trip Report from last year. It was well-written and very helpfully - and humorous. Thx

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The train station area in Haarlem is not all that charming in my view. We stayed in a hotel a few blocks from the Groote Markt - it was quiet - it was a bit of a hike to the train station (maybe half a mile).

The Groote Markt itself was very lively - we were there in April before King's Day and there is always a carnival.

I think I'd recommend staying in Haarlem -there is enough to do there, although I think Mondays and Tuesdays a lot of things are closed. The Franz Hals Museum is fun, and the Cathedral is awesome now that the organ has been resotred (we were there two years in a row).

Our last trip to Amsterdam we stayed in Amstelveen. That wasn't bad either - we were at the end of the tram line (5) near a mall. Not charming but an easy ride into the City and easy access to amenities - it is a lot less expensive than Amsterdam.

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Skip, thanks for your help. I thought I saw that a bus (#300?) goes to the train station from the town square? I appreciate your input.

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We just booked a room for the end of August at the Ambassador City Centre Hotel. We like that is right the market square. We've been to Haarlem before. You should definitely visit the Corrie den Boom Museum. It is very easy to get to Amsterdam by train, only 30 minutes away.

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We booked kind of a last minute trip including Amsterdam last October, and many hotels were either booked up or very expensive, so we followed the advice to stay in Haarlem. While that might have been fine had it been our second or third time in Amsterdam, we felt that we wasted a lot of time traveling back and forth, and we got very tired of the walk between our hotel and the station over a few days.

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Frans Hals, which had a good location, but which we were very dissatisfied with, and at the Carlton Square Hotel, which we liked a great deal. The Carlton Square Hotel had great bus connections, but isn't realistically walkable from the train station. It's also much further from the Grote Markt, obviously. We had no noise issues at all at either hotel.

In Bruges, we stayed at the Grand Hotel Casselbergh, in the old/original building, and it was a great choice in every respect, so I'll give them a shout out.

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I recently came back from a 4 and a half week trip to the Netherlands and Belgium. I started in Haarlem. Stayed 4 nights at the Hotel Malts. Loved it. It's not on a canal but it's within walking distance of the Grote Markt yet far enough away to be quiet. I found it VERY quiet. And very comfortable. The hosts, Henk and Anne Marie, along with helper, Saskia, were fantastic. Very friendly. Breakfast was great... Henk makes your coffee as you like it and gives great advice. Anne Marie and Saskia are lovely and very helpful. Haarlem makes a great jet lag pillow. I didn't even go into Amsterdam the whole time I was there (saved it for later) as there was much to see in Haarlem itself and there are other day trips to take from there. I would definitely recommend Hotel Malts. Also because it's on the doorstep of a less touristy part of town away from the Grote Markt. You'll feel more like a local if you explore that way. And find better fries!
In Delft, I stayed at the Hotel Koophandel. Also excellent. Very near the main square but very quiet and the room was big. In Bruges, I stayed at B&B Setola. Great hostess. Fab location on a quiet street minutes from everything. Great breakfasts. Loved it and would definitely stay there again. If you find Bruges too crowded (as I did) go to the neighborhood with the Van Eyck statue and explore over there. Just as charming and no tour groups!
Your choice of towns for the 2 weeks are good. Good bases. Try and go to Ghent for a day from Bruges, or stop there on the way.
Bon voyage.

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Thanks so much for the info. Just booked flights, got a great deal, so now it's time to get serious on the hotels.
Safe Travels!

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This place is at a canal intersection. RiverSide Suite - Haarlem City Centre
20 Hooimarkt Haarlem 2011 JB Netherlands. Good reviews. Staying there May 16-19 2024, Moving to an apartment, small, street level, just across the bridge for a few days after that. Right next to a windmill.