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Another Anne Frank House question- back then and now

I visited the Anne Frank house back in 1980. There were no lines. I just walked up and paid my admission and got entry to the place. It was just the warehouse and the steps up to the hidden book case and then steps into the main rooms and steps up to the attic. You had to go out the way you came. I remember there was a tree in the back yard that Anne wrote about, that you could see from the attic window. I understand that tree is no longer there.
Fast forward to today. I understand that there is now a museum next door and more exhibits and a one way travel through to the attic? What am I missing now that I didn't see back then? What additional exhibits and movies are in the museum that weren't of note back then?
Am I missing something more if I don't visit again? I'll be there next April on Kings Day. Would this be the wrong day to visit considering the crowds? Assuming I could get tickets for that day?

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I sounds like you got the better experience back in 1980.

It is too crowded now. Amsterdam is over run you will not be able to get down the street. In some case even the natives are fed up.

If you do go, go around third week of January instead of around Kings Day. I am flying into there in about ten days on my way to Switzerland just to see the Keukenoff before the Tullips harvest and even the hotels in and around Amsterdam are like more expensive than I've ever seen.

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You might want to consider the Dutch Resistance Museum or the Holocaust museum instead. I never found the Anne Frank huis that moving, but did find these to be, particularly the former
(also, I dont find the streets to be so busy one cant walk along them. But there is always a line that goes around the corner for the Anne Frank huis)

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We were just there. It is interactive, and beautifully done. If you have time I would highly encourage you to revisit. Make online reservations, though. Walk ups were not allowed when we were there. Because of the timed entrance, it was not crowded at all. It's worth it. Consider that you revisit other museums, so why not this one? Because someone on this forum suggested you should not? Do what feels best for you.

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I would avoid Amsterdam on the King’s Birthday, I enjoyed Haarlem on this raucous, fun national holiday. I stayed in Haarlem last April for 6 nights and visited Amsterdam most days. I bought my Anne Frank tickets online before I left the States. I liked the Anne Frank Huis very much and the Museum. Yes, there is a line but it is well managed only letting in people based on the time on your ticket.
I also toured the Dutch Resistance Museum with excellent and well organized displays that told an important story of ordinary Dutch people who risked their lives fighting Nazism. I highly recommend.

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Thank you for all your comments and suggestions. I have decided to visit the Dutch Resistance Museum instead. But not on King's Day.