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Anne Frank tour?


I am looking online to buy our Anne Frank House tickets, and I see there is an option for a 30 min. intro to the museum in English. Has anyone done this? Is it worth it - or better just to go it on our own? We have boys 10 and 12 with us...


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Definitely get your tickets online - you avoid major lines. This was one of my favorite things we did in Europe...very emotional. We did not do the intro...although we may have had we seen it. They give you a great guidebook as you enter and we went thru it- stopped in each room and read the book part for that room...learned so much. There's also little movie clips and a very detailed museum at the end with clips of her father speaking...take your time and see as much as you can. What an unbelievable time in history.

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Yes, take the tour. Your boys will be enthralled. What a wonderful experience for you and your family. If possible, read the book or watch the Hollywood movie before you go.

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Yes, we did the 30 minute intro and it was time well spent. You get some background on the Frank family, and why they relocated to Amsterdam. We felt it was better than just going into the house "cold". Plus the benefit of skipping the long line. The entrance is the door just to the left of the one that everyone is in line for. They will buzz you in when you show up.